Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cae Cae...

Cae Cae is my youngest runt. My spitfire. He was found with a blockage last summer between the bladder and kidney when he ended up hospitalized with a fever of 105 and a horrible kidney infection.

Since this finding he has had surgery to remove the area of the ureter (it was kinked like a water hose from muscle not forming around it) and had a stint placed for 6 weeks. The stint was removed in February I believe it was and now we are back to doctor visits an hour away from home. Urology visit was 2 weeks ago and his kidney specialist was yesterday.

Yesterday's visit brought news of no signs of infection and he had to get blood work done. Poor baby knows what they are about to do when they ask are you ready after pulling out a little tube and a package (which holds the needle). He hid his arms under the table.

Next month he has to have an IV needle put in his hand for his mag 3 renal scan so he will be a big unhappy camper. The mag 3 renal scan is to scan and see how his flow through his kidneys and all is. This is how they found out where his blockage was and if he had any flow around/through it at all. Also what the percentage of his kidney usage was. Last time it was 18/80 I believe. Hoping this time it is 50/50.

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