Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Children's Father

My children's father is a man that I love.

He hugs them, loves them and makes them laugh.

He is there for them when they need him by their side.

He is strong for his family and rarely shows weakness.

He became a daddy on an October night.

After days and hours of hard work from my side.

But after all of the pain, work, sweat and tears...

Well came more pain, work, sweat and tears...

But this has lasted over the years.

He became Daddy and a great fishing buddy.

Now after two more kids he has become daddy, daddy daddy...

With even more sweat and tears.

They are small, but are growing tall.

They all look like their daddy handsome as can be.

They grow more and more each day that passes.

Walking in their daddy's shadow.

Daddy is their world. Their everything.

No other hero can compare.

Through the eyes of a child the world is so small and daddy can do anything.

So as daddy teaches them the different things of life.

They run, play and grow right before our eyes.

And all through their play in life Daddy will be right by their side.

Watching over their every move to keep them safe the same as they will do...

When they have families of their own to love and to always hold.

Today's post is dedicated to my husband, my best friend, my pain in my butt and the father of my 3 crazy little boys. I look at them everyday and see more and more of their daddy in them. Good and bad but all in all him. They are growing to be tall and strong and all I hear from them every day is about daddy. Always hear will daddy be off work soon. When will daddy be home. Sometimes it seems like they don't care the way their little minds get going about something else, but... The truth is they love and adore their daddy with every inch of their little hearts and then some.

We love you daddy and Happy Early Father's Day!


Barbara said...

This is so sweet and I am proud of the daddy Kathy's son as become. He is setting a good example for his boys and I can feel the love they have for them in your story. This is truly a great Father's Day gift. Thanks for sharing.

Kimberly said...

So so SO beautiful. He sounds like an amazing man. Truly a keeper ;)

Sophyta said...

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