Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Peach Festival Goody Review

We went to the Ruston Peach Festival this last Saturday. I always enjoy wondering through looking at the Arts and Crafts booths. We saw homemade Peanut, Cashew and Pecan Brittle, handmade wooden toys, homemade jellies and could smell the cinnamon roasted nuts from the other side of the Civic Center. Can't forget to mention the oh so yummy looking homemade fudge as well.

Now when I go to things like this I usually don't spend money at the moment. If the people have a way I can contact them or a website I usually get their information and order at a later date, because I would hate to spend money on something then and there and then find something else I would rather want. If I bought everything I wanted at these things I would go home broke (well more broke than I am just to pay to get in and get my kids drinks to stay hydrated and tickets for the bouncy house) and have to carry a lot of stuff around while walking through Downtown.

From the Arts and Crafts show we strolled through downtown to Railroad Park. We went and checked out the Railroad Marketplace they had set up for the day. We strolled through and was greeted by a lady who is a Scentsy dealer. She was handing out samples of the scent of the month which happen to be Peach a'la mode. This scent is still making it smell so good by my computer and it makes me hungry for juicy peaches every time I smell it.

We walked around to the other side and were just looking over the booths and the goods people were selling. Then I seen it. Let me tell everyone this. I am a lover of handmade soaps, bath salts and other yummy smelling bath goodies. My husband will buy the stuff just for the scent, because a good handmade bar of soap or dish of bath salts will scent your bathroom in the wonderful smell.

Here sat a lovely lady at a table filled with so many bars of handmade soaps. Every bar just as beautifully fragranced as the next. They had Peach, Peachy, Woods and one I fell in love with at first sniff Chocolate Coffee. It smelt good enough to eat. Most of the bars were $5 a bar and some were $3 a bar. My husband picked up one bar of soap and told me to take a whiff and tell him what scent it was.

I smelt the bar and smiled. It was Dragon's Blood. A favorite innocence smell of ours. Dragon's Blood is a very distinct smell that can never be mistaken. So here we have one of my loves, handmade soaps. Another of my loves, wonderful smells and Dragon's Blood to top it all off. I couldn't decide which one I wanted more.

Needless to say I did end up choosing the Dragon's Blood soap which now has a new home on the edge of my husband's bathroom sink. He will not let any of us use it, because he enjoys the smell of it everytime he walks into the bathroom. The soaps are made with essential oils and are all natural. Very good for your skin and is a lavish way to treat yourself to a spa day at home.

Now let me give these wonderful people the credit they so deserve for this wonderful product. I mean they did after all cause me to actually buy something at the festival after I swore I wouldn't. The name is Pastry Moon. Click the linky and it will take you to their Facebook page. I do not know if they would do online orders, but I really think they should. They have an amazing product that should be shared with the world. Or at least the 51 states of the beautiful US and maybe Canada too.

If you have a request or suggestion for a scent hit them up on their Facebook page or email them at Pastry Moon Soap. This husband and wife duo makes amazing soaps and I hope all of my readers have a chance to experience what I did the first time I got a whiff of this wonderful product.

If you are in the Ruston,La area or you are passing through and would love to pick up one of these bars of soaps you can do so at Crescent City Coffee.

Hope everyone has a blessed day!

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