Saturday, July 23, 2011

Countdown to School Starting...

T-minus 3 weekends and counting. We will be starting our new school venture August 15th! My middle little man got his materials in Thursday. He was so happy to get to go through that big box and see all of his school books. His favorite is ALL of the reading books he got. He loves to sit and read books with his mommy. His favorite books to read with me is Apollo, Counting with Apollo and Green Eggs and Ham. He actually likes most if not all Dr Seuss books and all of the Curious George books.

He found his love for reading this last school year. While my youngest was in for speech we sat in the family resource room/school library and read through all of the different children's books they had. Now he is getting his own little collection (again). This go around the books are being taken better care of! Thank goodness for that. We are slowly turning our living room into a class room.

My oldest son will be getting his materials in on Monday! He is excited to see what he gets for his school materials. His desk is already set up. I am even thinking about hooking my old laptop up for him (if it will still work). Let him use it for school at least until we are able to get him a new one for Christmas. Really looking forward to the start of school.

With school just around the corner are you looking forward to it? Are your kids getting excited or beginning to dread it? This is a sign that fall is coming soon for me. That and the fact that I walked into my local Walgreens just to see Halloween Candy and Candles being sold. Yes already! So ready for school to start and Fall to get here. Our Summer has been a good one and we got to go swimming 3 times this year! I managed to stay off crutches (knock on wood) although I still had knee issues.

There will be no Momma Talks post tomorrow (unless I write and post late in the day), because we are going out of town for the day. We are going to go have a family fun day together.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!


Crystal Jigsaw said...

I hope you've been having a great day; a family fun day sounds perfect.

My daughter only broke up from school last Thursday and starts a new school 7th September. The holidays for us have just begun!

CJ xx

Mango Chutney said...

I'm glad for school to be starting soon, so I can miss my daughter. She's starting Kindergarden this year. She's a little oblivious to the process but we go to meet her teachers Thurs/Fri. She likes school, she went to same school for Pre k so she's got friends already.

Wendy said...

My middle son hates public school. He didn't start last year because he had a problem about going so this year him and my oldest are going to do virtual school through the school district. :) They are really excited!