Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

I am gracefully stepping into my 32nd year of life today! YAY! I made it another year. I am one of those people who will celebrate their birthday and their actual age proudly. I don't care if it is my 21st birthday or my 50th birthday. I am happy to say I have been alive on this earth for so and so amount of years. There is pride in the numbers I wear proudly. Not to mention the fact that I now love to hear "Oh my gosh you look like your in your early 20's"... Yea that's right I like to be told how young I look now. Although it can get a bit annoying at times, but what woman wouldn't want to hear how beautiful and young they look. Just means I am taking great care of myself!

I step back and look at what I have accomplished and not so much accomplished. I look ahead of me and see what is to come or what I hope is to come. I have so many hopes, dreams and plans for this new year of my life. I am hoping to see my blog grow along with a future etsy shop! I hope to see the "birth" of my dream business and hope to see it not only become reality, but grow to be a flourishing business.

So I raise a glass (of water... I don't drink alcohol.lol) and toast good bye to 31 and welcome 32 head on. I hope and I pray that this year is as good if not better than the last. I hope the days continue to show more accomplishments in my life and my lessons learned get to be shown in a positive manner. Thank you to everyone who have blessed my life and has been my friends through thick and thin. I love all of you guys and you all touch my life in some shape form or fashion more than you could even know. This is not just to those who know me personally in my real life, but also who know me virtually through my blog, twitter, facebook or any other social media. Everyone has been amazing through out the years and I have learned a lot from people who may not even realize how much they have taught me.

Thank you and God Bless!

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Kimberly said...

Happy Birthday sweetie!! I hope that 32 brings you tons of joy!!