Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rainy Day... YAY!

I know most people frown upon the arrival of those oh so beautiful drops of life, but me? I am about to go outside and do my happy dance! It has been 100 degrees or a little over this week. Our heat index has been a great deal higher. Just last night alone around 8:30 pm we were still in the mid to upper 90s. How fun does that sound? Then it happened! Flashes and rumbles in the distance began. We prayed and hoped for the watery goodness to begin to fall soon after.

Then some time last night the water drops started to fall down. We have been so hot and dry over this month and the end of last month that two of our tomato plants has burned up (leaf and bloom wise) and my oldest son's green bean plants he planted has not produced! Now we sit here getting ready to venture out later to the doctor's office and praise the sound of the falling rain and distant rumbles. I even turned my air conditioner off! I am sure it is happy to get a small break since it spit out an outrageous light bill for me last month already.

Today is the kind of day now that you just want to leisure around and relax back with a book. I would love to be curled up on my couch wrapped up in my snuggy reading something interesting. That or taking a cat nap snuggled up with my boys. You have got to enjoy the loves of being a mommy.

We experienced a long tiring day yesterday! As many of my readers/followers know my youngest son has had issues with his left kidney as of last summer. To be exact it was this date last year we were sitting in the emergency room of the hospital for hours wondering what was causing him to have a high fever. His fever spiked as high as 105! The doctor in fact was about to discharge him and send him home before getting urine from him when they found out his temp was that high. He had finally given urine in the annoying little bag and we sat even longer waiting. Next thing we knew they were rushing in saying they were admitting him he would be moved to the pediatric unit soon and getting things filled out and ready for him to be put in.

That was the longest 9 and a half days of my life. He had to have an iv in pushing fluids since he had a high fever and would not eat much. He had antibiotics through the iv so many times a day. The antibiotics he would tell us burned as it went in. It is really hard to sit and watch your child suffer and not know what is going on. They ran different kinds of test to find out why he had a kidney infection and what caused this. He had an ultrasound ran on his kidney. It showed it was enlarged and was larger than the right kidney. They ran a contrast test on his bladder to see if he had urine reflux. Also found out he has a heart murmur that we were told went away a few days after birth. Now was the time we found out just how horrible his old doctor's office was!

We have fought battles with the State of Louisiana and the parish we use to live in due to a medical clinic's incompetence. Do you realize if something is the doctor's offices fault not to stay up on and they tell you your child is fine but the state says otherwise that you are at fault? Even if you are trusting your doctor! You are still the bad parent, because you didn't do this or you didn't do that. Even if you tell them what the doctor's said and they are going by a seperate child's medical situation (as we all know children have different situations even if they are similar) you are still at fault and your doctor's say is nothing. It's really insane!

Now back to yesterday's doctor visit. My little man has had surgery to remove a blockage they found last year in the tube which goes from the kidney to the bladder. They did a Mag 3 Renal Scan last week to see if things were flowing right now. Results were given yesterday... His left kidney NOW is smaller than the right (which the right is the correct size), but it is emptying completely now. Kidney function for right is still at 80% as it was before (should be 50%) and the left is now 20% (prior was 18%). Since it is causing no infections now that it is emptying all the way and is not causing pain or problems he gets to keep his kidney and still go in for follow ups to keep an eye on it. Not completely what we wanted to hear, but I will take what I can give as long as it has better news attached to the bad.So this year he gets to spend his birthday outside of the hospital and party it up at Chili's.

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Blessings to everyone and hope everyone is staying cool this summer!

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