Friday, July 1, 2011

Up and Down

My youngest had yet another doctor appointment for this month today. This one thankfully was just to his local doctor's office. He went in for his weight check which he goes back in one month for another weight check. He gained 2 and half pounds from his last appointment. I am really happy about this and hoping his gain continues. Maybe we should celebrate with a huge dinner in a nice restaurant. Feed him nice fatty stuff so maybe he will gain more for next month.

I on the other hand am trying to lose weight. While his yo-yos up and down and we keep trying to get it up up up mine yo-yos more towards the up than the down. I want it to go down down down. I at least was 2 pounds lighter than I was yesterday morning. Isn't that about backwards between me and him? Both of us having to do something with our weight due to medical reasons. It is getting to be hard though considering how bad economy is now. Prices of healthy and what I am supposed to eat is out the roof. Can't cut back calories in the food I cook too much, because then my baby lacks what he needs since he needs higher calories and more protein. Fun stuff.

So while we continue down our paths trying to figure out an even median we step lightly and slowly. Now I need his energy and bouncy hyperness and he needs my don't feel like moving blahness. Maybe that would help me lose and him gain.

Hope everyone is having a wonderfully blessed Friday!
Remember to stay safe this weekend! Drunks will be out more due to Fourth of July Weekend.
Stay safe and Stay smart!

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