Thursday, August 18, 2011

Biggest Momma Talks Fave EVER!

I love to search the internet and read happy stories. Our world is full of a lot of sad news everyday. A child turning into a murder just days ago. A father killing his disabled son due to him being tired of caring for him anymore. These are horrid stories. I have gotten to the point I do not like reading or watching the news anymore.

I however have had Ethan Jostad put in front of me on Facebook a lot since July. I use to live in Southern Oregon in Central Point. Jackson County Oregon is a beautiful place to live with the picture perfect scenery of the mountains around you. The lakes are just as gorgeous. Just inside this county a family is morning the loss of a young boy and celebrating his life in Eagle Point. Ethan Jostad passed away August 8th after a long battle with cancer. He was clear from it, but it came back with a vengeance. It filled his body and slowly took away this 8 year old boys life. It caused him a lot of physical pain and smothered him since it filled his lungs as well.

Ethan and his family fought not only for Ethan's life, but for the lives of other children suffering from Childhood Cancer. With Ethan now gone his family try to move on and have decided to start a Foundation in his name. They want to raise awareness and donations to try and find a cure for this horrid beast. Childhood Cancer is a silent killer who we are helpless to be able to protect our children from. We always tell them not to talk to strangers and to use the buddy system. Don't tell a someone on the phone that mommy or daddy is not home. Don't open the door to anyone you don't know. There is nothing we can do or say to keep our children safe from Cancer.

Just over from Eagle Point in Jackson County Oregon is a little girl in Central Point. She has Osteosarcoma which is a bone cancer. It was found in her left arm last year. The doctors had told her and her family they would have to amputate her arm, but a doctor in Seattle said otherwise. The other doctor saved her arm by removing the 3 lbs 8 inch long tumor from her arm. They also removed the muscle and bone in that part of her arm. In it's place is metal rods encased in ceramic. The nerves were saved so she can still have feeling in her arm.

After all of this battle and hoping it was gone they found out she now has cancer in her lungs and in her cheek. Her pictures on her facebook page show her smiling despite the horrid swelling she has in her face from the cancer. Her and Ethan both show(ed) that no matter how far down Cancer got them and no matter if it takes their life it would not steal away their smiles. Both stories literally had me in tears yesterday. Faith possibly only has a few more weeks to live. This little girl has a facebook page called Faith's Friends. It makes her smile to see all of the encouraging post and to see how much people who don't even know her love her and pray for her.

Both of these beautiful children have touched so many hearts and lives. Ethan will never be forgotten and will live on in spirit. He is sending Faith lots of new friends through his story. I myself found her through his story and I want to share her with all of my friends. I want to pass on her story and Ethan's story to every person out there and have everyone stop and be aware of Childhood Cancer. We hear about older people getting Cancer and passing away often. I have lost my grandmother to cancer. But how often do we stop and say oh yea so and so's child has cancer. We hear about St Jude all the time yet Childhood Cancer is not mentioned as much as Breast Cancer. We see Pink everywhere, but what about Yellow?

I hope everyone who reads this is touched by this. I hope you all read Faith and Ethan's stories. I hope it moves you enough to help you stand up and help others around you become aware of the thief in the night that is killing kids more these days.

Visit Ethan's Facebook and pass your thoughts and prayers on to his family. They really are suffering from this. Who wouldn't after watching their child suffer like he did. Read Ethan's Story and all of the post his mother made through this fight and loss. Become one of Faith's Friends and send her lots of love and warm wishes. There is also an address to send her postcards on her facebook page. There is info on donating in Ethan's memory on his CaringBridge page.

God bless everyone!

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