Friday, August 19, 2011

Going Yellow for Ethan Jostad Foundation

As I had talked about yesterday Ethan Jostad is a young boy who passed away August 8th due to Childhood Cancer. He was 9 years old and he always found a way to smile through out the 2 years of his battle. I am calling out now to all bloggers who would want to jump on board and help with this. September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. I am looking for people to hop in and help get the word of Awareness out through networking.

I would also like some ideas and what not on this. The family of Ethan have filed in their application paperwork for Ethan Jostad Foundation. Right now the family is collecting toy donations and money donations. In just the weeks time of their son passing away they have ended up with a huge collection of new toys to send to children battling cancer in Ethan's honor. I would love to kick this awareness campaign off on September 1st by "Going Yellow for Ethan Jostad" and sharing his story.

If there are any sponsors who would like to be included in the "Going Yellow" Campaign then please contact me at or if you would like to join in this Campaign in any form contact me. If you have questions or would like more information do not hesitate to email me. Cancer even for an adult is horrible, but Cancer for a child is a lot harder on them. Childhood Cancer is a hard battle for them to win. With awareness and parents knowing the possible signs then maybe that bruise or swollen area will get checked sooner and be caught early enough. Cancer does not produce a lot of signs in its beginning stages. If people are aware and have their children screened often (especially if there is a history of cancer in the family) then maybe this can help save a life.

Team Ethan is fighting Cancer still in Ethan's memory. They want to beat Cancer and a cure to be found. They want to save other children's lives and help the children now and of the future not have to suffer like Ethan had. So help us kick off the "Going Yellow" Campaign! Email me today at ...

God bless!

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