Saturday, August 13, 2011

One of those days...

I think I am one of the most unfortunate clumsy people alive. I end up on crutches at least once a year. This is no lie. I did get a break for a few years, but I was still injured to the point I should have relaxed on crutches. Today however is one of those days for me! I woke up too early with a sinus pressure in my face making it hurt along with my teeth. I ended up with a headache and still the neck tension that I just can not get to go away. Then what happens before it is even 7 am??? I step off in a hole and totally twist my ankle! Yep this is about right for me.

On the plus side??? My kids actually napped so I got to nap. How wonderful was that! Now I am sitting here extremely bored and wondering what to blog about today since I haven't hardly blogged all week!

In other news on our home front... School starts for us on Monday. I have been a busy momma getting learning areas set up and ready. Been printing up first day lessons so my oldest can read it without being online to read it. Make it easier for him so he can sit and know what he has to do then just get online and watch his video he has to watch for the lesson or what not. Then to his desk with his text books and work books he goes. I printed out my middle son's lessons so me and him can sit down and go over each lesson together and so I have my footnotes for the lesson right there in my hand. Really looking forward to Monday!

I am also ready for cooler weather to get here already. This heat is really starting to get to me. I have not felt this sick in a long time. Remember everyone drink plenty of water! If you are sweating an extreme amount then grab a gatorade or powerade, but still drink lots of water to one sports drink you ingest. These drinks are high in sugar, but help get the things you lose back to you faster when you are sweating a lot.

I am still having a tutu giveaway! So check out the updated post and see how to get in it to win it and get to check out a Team Spirit TuTu I made. Who does not want to get free stuff?!?!?! I will be compiling together some great recipes myself and my family enjoy and Will start posting them up in September. Thinking about adding a new factors to Momma Talks for my readers enjoyment.

Hope everyone is having a blessed weekend!


jessilynn1999 said...

You know what? You took a page right out of my life too. My mother says that I could get hurt in a padded room playing with a cotten ball. LOL I guess that you should join me in that room.

Wendy said...

haha I def could! I am always getting hurt some shape form or fashion. I just have to walk two steps and I can get