Thursday, September 15, 2011

Happy Happy Birthday...

My middle son turned the big fat 6 yesterday! YAY!!! For the birthday person's birthday they get to choose our birthday dinner for the night. If we have the money to go out to eat they choose the place. If not they get to choose the special dinner I either make often or hardly at all. His birthday dinner wish was for me to make a BIG pot of my homemade chili. Everyone was happy with it and his only complaint was that I forgot to buy him crackers and the chili was a bit spicy. I will have to post my chili recipe up for everyone to try out!

Momma's Chili Recipe

3 lbs ground beef
2 lbs ground Italian sausage
One Garlic Clove
One big white onion - this will be done to how much onion you like
Bell pepper(s) - this will be done as far as which colors you prefer and how much
2 tblsp chili powder
2 tblsp cumin
1 tblsp Garlic Salt
1 tsp Black Pepper
2 cups chicken broth
2 Big cans of tomato sauce
2 cans drained of Dark Red Kidney Beans
2 cans drained of Ranch Style pinto beans with jalapenos

Put a tablespoon of butter in your stock pot that you will be cooking the chili in and throw in your diced up onions, garlic and bell peppers. Let them saute in the butter until the onions are cooked. Add your ground beef and Italian Sausage. Brown the meat while you stir it together mixing the vegetables into really good. (Note: if you like chili that is really meaty you can add more meat of either kind to it and can even use just regular pork sausage if you don't like Italian.) After the meat is fully cooked drain off any fatty grease. Add the Chicken broth, tomato sauce cans of drained beans and stir it all together. Then you add in all of your seasonings and stir that together. You bring your chili to a boil and turn the stove down to a simmer. You allow the chili to simmer at least 30 mins if you are in a hurry if not allow it to simmer an hour to 2 hours. The longer it can simmer the better the flavor is through out the chili.

Great for Chili Dogs, Chili Cheese Nachos, with crackers or cheez-its. Amazing meal right here for ANY and ALL chili lovers. Also a great meal for the football game!

Speaking of football... We are looking at moving to Dallas Texas! YAY!! We were going to try to move to Corpus Christi, but some things have stepped into play and it will be a lot easier for us to make a move to Dallas. Hoping and praying my husband can get a transfer from where he works now to one of the franchises in the Dallas area. We are a Dallas Cowboys family stuck in Saintsland. They want to literally fully kick you out of this state if you don't root for the Aints. My oldest son is really excited and is hoping this means he will get to go to a Dallas Cowboys football game in real life one day. Gotta love the boys hopes and dreams.

Seems that fall has crept in again. This morning was a lot cooler than the last cool day we had. It is chilly outside unless the sun shines right on you then it's warm. That however is normal in the south. You can break a sweat in winter if the sun shines directly on you. Beautiful day however and loving the brisk cool air.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Thursdays! Hopefully I will have pictures from our day trip to Baton Rouge this weekend! We get to get up at 3:30 to head out around 4 am. Wish us luck.

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