Saturday, September 17, 2011

Kindergarten Assessment in Baton Rouge was...

It was really fun to get to meet other parents, some of the staff and children of Louisiana Connections Academy yesterday. I got informed however that my Kindergartner is ADHD. My oldest son's teacher was there helping test children so I had her sit with my oldest who I have suspected for years has ADD. She talked with him and watched him then told me he shows the traits of a child with ADD. She herself has a child who is ADD so I trust her opinion on this. It would explain a lot with him. So I guess we will be taking the next step and getting them tested for ADD/ADHD as soon as we can get them in for it.

Other than the news we got we had a lot of fun. Even the news we received was not so horrible. It would explain why my Kindergartner is struggling with his letters. Now I leave you with some pictures I took while we were at the park. Hope everyone enjoys their Saturday!

Hope you all enjoyed the pictures and hope you enjoy the weekend!

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