Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sadness Falls... Be Aware!

I just posted last week the story of Faith Fulmer. I shared her story and her facebook page with anyone in the world that read the post. I posted my thoughts and prayers to her and her family. I talked about her many times to my friends and family. I went yellow for her on here.

Faith Fulmer earned her angel wings yesterday at 5:40 pm PST. It is very sad and she touched many hearts along her long tiring journey. She will always be missed and never forgotten by those who knew her and many who only knew her through pictures and post on an online wall. Please don't let her have died in vain. Don't let any of these children's battles be done in vain. Become aware. Pass on the word to your friends, family and neighbors. Make them aware. Scream it at the top of your lungs if you have to. Pass on a gold ribbon to a stranger and tell them "I just wanted you to be aware." Maybe if people become more aware then maybe more people will help fight for a cure so these children don't have to suffer. So their friends and family don't have to watch them suffer. So a parent doesn't have to tell their little child goodbye. We hear the word Children and we think of happy voices chattering. We think of giggles and burst of little laughs as they run, jump and play.

When we hear the word Children or Childhood we don't think about the word of Cancer or Death being put with it. We don't think about terminally ill. The two just does not go together right? Well no one bothered to make sure this beast got that memo. Make people aware. I am shouting from a mountain top every time I post, tweet or Facebook about this. I am shouting as loud as I can. One voice goes unheard by many and only a select few listen. Many voices together can not be ignored. Become one of the many voices today and help make people AWARE!

RIP sweet Warrior Princess Faith. We know you are up there in heaven by Ethan's side while you both watch over your family and friends together now. Now Ethan won't be alone anymore.
(Ethan and Faith were both from the same area in Southern Oregon and they were both friends. Ethan passed away early part of August just days after Faith and her family were told that Faith had 4 to 6 weeks left to live.)

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