Saturday, October 15, 2011

First full week Lesson Plan!

I just got our lesson plan for next week planned out! YAY!! We are really excited. I know we should be on a time schedule, but I have not really planned that part out yet. As long as they get their work in and understand what they are learning I don't think I am going to make them go by a time clock. Sorry can't finish that, because it is now so and so time. Or well you can't go on to the next thing yet, because it's not time for that.

Halloween is a fun time of the year for learning. So what better thing to make our lessons this month Halloween themed!

Social Studies will be the history of Halloween and all of the different celebrations that other countries have in place of "Halloween". We will even talk about some of the customs and traditions people have started over the years that are associated with Halloween.

Science my Kindergartner will be learning about the Season Autumn. My oldest will be germinating seeds and reviewing the plant life cycle.

Language Arts for my Kindergartner will consist of learning the Letter B. He already recognizes his Letter A already so we are going to have Letter B week. We will have words each day that starts with the letter b to make learning the letter b that much more fun.Our B words of the week are Boo, Bug and Big. Thursday will be his review day so we can see how much he learned during the week.

My 3rd grader's Language Arts for the week looks like this. He will write a Halloween short story. I found and printed out a reading comprehension worksheet at Super Teacher Worksheets. This site has worksheets for ALL grade levels and subjects. He also has his spelling words he will be reviewing (some he has had in the past).

Math for my 3rd grader will be going back over his subtraction for Math. We did an assessment and found out he does not understand subtracting numbers in the hundreds and thousands. He also does not understand rounding to the nearest thousand so that will be the next thing we go back over once he understands his subtraction better.

My Kindergartner does first grade math. He has shown on his assessment that he understands his first semester of math so he will do some fun math games to review his addition and subtraction. That way he continues to learn without being bored with it. Also would hate for him to forget anything when we get ready to move forward in our math.

For Art we will be making Halloween puppets with brown lunch bags. We will also be decorating our Reward Treat Bags next week with a Halloween theme. For our music lesson the kids are learning the Monster Mash song and This is Halloween. PE will be a game I thought up called ABC tag. One child runs down and has to "tag" the other by telling him his letter. The child who was tagged has to run back and tell me what letter it was. They do this back and forth from the letter A all the way down to the letter Z. They will also learn a dance to the Monster Mash.

Happy learning everyone!

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