Monday, October 17, 2011

First Monday of Stress Free Fun Learning

We officially started homeschooling today. We started our classroom time at 9 am. We had a short break around 10:30 to eat. Our classroom time was done by 12 pm. How amazing is that.

Classroom time I mean the time we have our lesson discussions, do worksheets (or test), Read and so forth. Anytime that does not involve being on our feet doing a project, experiment or activity. Today's classroom time involved the following (broke down by the grade levels for each child):

Language Arts K - We learned the letter B today. We talked about what the "B" and "b" look like and how "d" is sometimes mistaken for "b". We learned and talked about our word of the day which is "Boo" then made rhyming words for the Halloween words "Bat" and "Ghost". This was followed by a worksheet to practice writing "B", "b" and some "b" words like "bat". We ended with reading "Wheels Around".

Language Arts 3 - He did a worksheet for Real or Fantasy, Halloween Alphabetical Order and worked on his spelling words. He started reading a book of his choice which is "Phineas and Ferb Thrill-o-rama". He read 20 pages today and when he has finished reading the book he will write a book report.

Math 1 - He did an addition worksheet which he did awesome on! Since he did so good on his math assessment we are taking somewhat of a break on math and will just be reviewing addition then subtraction.

Math 3 - Subtraction of 10s with no carry over worksheet. We are reviewing our subtraction before we go back to working on multiplication. My son showed on his assessment that he did not understand subtraction with carry overs when working with numbers in the 100s and 1000s.

Science K - This week he is working on learning about Autumn. Today to show what Autumn is to him he drew a picture of a tree with falling fall colored leaves.

Social Studies for both grade levels - We sat together and had a discussion about the History of Halloween. We talked about where it originates from and about the religious aspects of it from many faiths. We talked about the other holidays and celebrations that fall on October 31st as well from Samhain (the holiday Halloween originates from), the Roman feast of the dead, All Hallow's Eve followed by All Saint's Day, Day of the Dead and so forth. We discussed trick or treating safety and the symbols, customs and everything of Halloween.

We are incorporating chores as part of school as well (home ec) and will follow with Music after. PE is when daddy gets home and we go outside to ride bikes and play.

We have had a wonderful fun day so far! Hope everyone has a wonderful day of learning.

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