Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween and Happy Samhain!

So tomorrow is the wondrous night of trick or treating. Many won't be able to get out and join in this age old tradition due to a foot or so of snow on the ground. Not to mention many in the North East are without power as well due to the historic October Snowstorm. Hopefully everyone is home safe and warm.

So here is our dilemma here in the south. It is actually colder now than it usually is this time of year. We usually have a few days of cold or a week (not drastic cold and never hit our first frost till November to December which we had last week). It is usually in the 80s on Halloween and cools off LATE at night when it is time to head home after a lot of walking and knocking on doors.

This year... It is supposed to be a high of 74 I think. I haven't checked the weather for tomorrow yet, but the low is supposed to be in the 40s. Due to our crazy weather since end of last month and first part of this month people have been sick off and on. Yea that includes myself and one of my little ones. Stuffy noses, sinus drainage down the throat and all kinds of yucky in my chest.

Now should I just bundle up and hope for the best so the kids can hit a couple of houses... or... Just get a bag of candy let them trick or treat mine and daddy's computer desk for a little while then snuggle up and watch Halloween movies all night with a big bowl of popcorn and our junk food? Or we do have another option. Walk around the mobile home park we live in and see if anybody at all is giving out candy. We have never trick or treated here in the now 3 years we have lived here. I couldn't tell you if the people here do or not since half are families of trick or treating aged children and the other half is college students.

Whatever we decide on hopefully it is fun and my kids enjoy it. :)

Hope everyone has had a great and relaxing weekend!

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