Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Homeschool Classroom

I sat and thought about how can I make our Classroom more of a Classroom. How can I make learning fun for my kids without making it too much like school. For my oldest he needs more of a structured classroom when he is having to do sit down work. I rearranged my living room which is where we sit and learn each day. My desk is across the room from the other two desk. My desk faces their's and their desk faces mine. I have my printer and papers by me where they are close enough for me to use without having to get up from my seat over and over again when I am trying to find and print papers for school.

An addition we put into our classroom. My husband helped me make some chalkboards out of old paneling and left over chalkboard paint. I made one board which is by my front door where my son can see it. I write his vocabulary words for the week down on this board. Another smaller board is on the wall by my desk. This is what we call their rewards chart (more to come on this fun filled rewarding idea). Then I have a larger chalkboard that is just propped up against my wall by my desk where my boys can see it. This is our classroom board. I write assignments that need to be done on this. We use it to go over and explain math problems, writing assignments like poems and such to write out and give examples. We use it for many things I guess you can say. The kids love it and it helps them learn.

We have a tall standing book case which is used to organize books. Tablet paper, construction paper, pencil boxes and art kits are kept up high. Work books that can't be stood up for one grade goes on one side and the other child's stuff goes on the other side. Next shelf holds my Kindergartners reading books and if he has any smaller workbooks that can be stood up. Next follows my oldest son's textbooks and workbooks. Last shelf holds my lesson plan books and teacher aids (books). The bottom drawer holds any extras like folders that are not needed all the time or math counters and such. We have a shoe box for my Kindergartner to keep his picture cards and word cards in as they get cut out of the book. Any other smaller things he needs to hang on to that they have pulled out of the plastic also goes into the shoe box. It helps make it easy for him to find things he needs.

Hope this has helped you to come up with a way to make your Classroom a great learning space.

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