Thursday, October 13, 2011

Reward Charts and Monthly Treat Bags

As I mentioned in yesterday's post I made some chalkboards for our "classroom". One of these chalkboards is our rewards chart. I have each child's name written on the board. Each day I give them a tally mark for different things. If they pick up their messes through out the day, help do chores, do school work with no problems, take a nap and go to bed on time earns them marks. Depending on how they act depends on how many marks I give them also for each thing.

They will receive their rewards in the form of a treat bag at the end of the month. Yes they lose marks if they get into trouble and continue to act badly. This has happened to one of my children since we started the board. He counts every day to see who has what then tells me "Why do they have more marks than me?" I simply explain to him, "because they don't throw fits when they don't get what they want and they help pick up while you are watching tv." This has gotten him off his rear and on his feet.

This month will be the first reward treat bag we will be doing. They are going to get to decorate plain brown lunch bags with Halloween pictures and such that they will get to color and cut out. This can be classified as an art project for our day of school. On Halloween since it is the last day of the month we will take and go over the chart. I will fill each bag with treats from candy, Halloween pencils, stickers and little Halloween creatures. All of this is stuff you can purchase at the Dollar Tree. I can spend at most $2 - $3 on a nice little thing of treats for their bags and have some things left over for the following month (as far as stickers and candy).

I also plan on presenting my children on the last day of the month with a reward for best napper for example or biggest helper. Something added to show even my prek aged child praise for a great job. There are many printable rewards sites online I have found. I found one as a matter of fact where you can customize and print your own rewards!

Let me drop some links to all of you for your little ghouls and goblins!
123Certificates.Com has some cute school certificates for your student/child.
They also have Customizable Halloween Bookmarks that you can print out and present to them as rewards for reading so many books for the week/month or what not.

Hope this idea helps you in your Classroom!

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KImberly said...

We used to do a reward chart for Chunky when he used the potty. At the end he got a little dollar store toy or
Chocolate ;)