Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Soul Searching

Many people who I allow to be close to me and let them get to really know me know one thing. I believe in God and a Goddess. I believe in the Bible as being a history book more or less. I love the fact that it tells the story of God, creation and things from the past. It later turns into the story of a Profit named Jesus (as called in the English King James Version). I however do not believe in titles. I do not call myself a Christian. Some people would classify my as a Pagan, because I have a Goddess based belief even though I believe in God just the same.

I do not title myself as a Pagan for my faith either. I do not go by a name when it comes to my beliefs. I am a baptized Baptist and only reason for that is because I met a preacher who taught me the real meaning of God than trying to preach beliefs in a book. I do believe in Jesus Christ as a man who walked the earth, but to place him as a God himself no. I know this post will probably make a lot of people stop and say 'wtf', but this is my beliefs.

I love to read which is another thing that people know about me. I love to research and study things about history. I am a history and science freak. No I do not believe there is an answer to everything through science. My aspect of science is stuff like how the earth thrives and grows. I love to study things of how stuff effects the earth and the whole thing about minerals. Basicly stuff that comes back around to history. The history of a tree for example lies before it's bark. That also falls under science.

I have always read on history dealing with the bible and people from that time. I love to know what people believed back then and what their faith was. I mean seriously what came before Christianity? ALL Pre-Christian faiths I have come to find have been pegged as being Pagan. However if you say Pagan people automatically think Witch, Witchcraft and Wicca. American Indians however are classified as "pagan" due to the fact that their beliefs are not Christian. They had a faith based off of Nature. They believed even a tree has a soul and would thank the earth for what it gave them. Maybe they were on to something.

I have studied the bible and then researched into it, because as we all know the bible is a book written by men. It has been translated different times from the original Latin writing of it. Things get turned around and mistranslated or even in some cases people don't know the history from back then. For example I read today about Mary Magdalene and Jesus being married. People say it is not in the bible so it is not true. But wait... It is in the bible. It talks about her anointing his feet. If you look at the type of oil it mentions and the process this back then was the first part of a marriage ceremony. The second part happens after the marriage. It is the closing of the contract more or less. She annointed his feet a second time with spikenard. This happens when the bride is 3 months pregnant. Then she carrys a vial of spikenard to anoint her husband upon his entombment.

Amazing things history is. So since I do not fully believe Christianity and Am not really a Pagan due to the fact that I believe in aspects of Christianity then what am I? I have come to the conclusion just to say I am Spiritual. I have no title what so ever. I have found other titles like Unitarian Universalist, Judeo-Christian, Christo-Pagan and many more. The latter two believe in the Goddess Aspect in Christianity. They believe that women were stripped out of the bible which technically they kind of were. All you hear is either a woman is a whore or a virgin. They are not referred to as a mother or a wife like men are referred to as a husband and a father. It is a faith that puts Mother back into Earth.

So I continue my journey of Soul Searching and trying to find my place in the crazy world of religion. I continue to study, read and find where my heart, soul and mind lies when it comes to faith, beliefs and religion. I will continue to hear people tell me my soul needs to be prayed for due to me not believing a man can be God. Sorry, but Jesus to me is a profit not a god. As for him being God's son... Aren't we all God's children? Is this not what we have been taught growing up in the church?

Words to ponder. Hope everyone has an amazing week!

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