Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tried it... Didn't like it... So here we go!

Ok as I had posted last time we became a Connections Academy family. We tried it and sorry to say, but we do not like it. I was told it would be very flexible for us since my youngest is disabled with lots of health problems. We are always going for different doctor appointments and speech. Not to mention my normal housewife and mother duties of cooking and cleaning. It was not working out for us. We were having to do work on weekends. My oldest was overwhelmed and started feeling like he was stupid. He has three Bs and one A. This child is far from stupid. Also was told he was behind for his grade level on his writing according to state requirements. Yet when we looked at GLE it said otherwise.

I could go on and on about my gripes. I have plenty that is for sure. I liked the teachers I really did. My oldest son's teacher however was adamant to talk to me like I was stupid at times (or this is my opinion of how she made me feel) all because I said I am ADHD. I didn't understand something my son was having to do. The instructions said he had to write a PARAGRAPH. He did so and his paragraph was graded low. One it was not enough detail. Two it was too long of a paragraph. Three it was only one paragraph. All in all she was not in fact looking for a PARAGRAPH but a page and a half. From a 3rd grader at that!

She called me about his first three paragraphs he wrote (since we went by the example on the 6trait since we couldn't figure out how to see what he had to do!) and was extremely worried. She acted like my son had mental problems! Why you ask... Because his "story" was written in the 3rd person. All the assignment said was write about something done first. He wrote about what he did when he first woke up and added a few more things into it. He talked about sights, sounds, taste and everything it asked for from the time he woke up, to his breakfast he had, what he did after breakfast, what he had for lunch after playing to watching tv after lunch with his daddy. All of it was in order!

I was told my son was jumping all over the place in his writing (which I didn't see that, but mkay guess I just don't know anything since I didn't attend college to be an ELA teacher) and that it was very disturbing to her that my son would write about himself in the 3rd person. As if my son has mental problems! I sat and watched this lady do testing on children who were in Kindergarten and sit and be like omg they don't know their letters! Well no most Kindergartners don't! That's like with my middle son she was so shocked that he did not know the few random letters she showed him. What is bad some of them he did in fact know. Hello not all kids will tell a stranger the right thing. You have to take time with them instead of rushing them through and lose the omg their stupid tone in your voice.

So I have filled out the withdraw form online to take them out of Connections Academy. I am now waiting for someone from the school to call me and beg us to stay with promises to make things work. Unless my kids can do this stuff with a huge amount of flexibility like I was promised and they make things we have to go for a lot closer to us and not hours away then there is no way we will be staying. Kids are happy even though they were looking forward to their clubs and activities. Malachi will finally get to do other subjects at a level he is comfortable with and not bored doing. He was stuck with Kindergarten Science and Social Studies (wasn't learning anything because he already knew all of the stuff they were "teaching")due to him not knowing how to read yet. He will now get to learn fun stuff and they can do projects that are artistic and fun all at the same time as they learn.

I will start posting my homeschooling ideas and sites I come across on my blog. I think it will help other families who are trying to get started in homeschooling. I know finding stuff online from other people who homeschool has helped me loads.

Hope everyone is having a great week!

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