Monday, November 7, 2011

Our Thanksgiving Learning

This month we are going to learn about the history of Thanksgiving. My kids will learn about the American Indian culture also. My oldest has started online research for a history report he will be writing about the First Thanksgiving and the history of Thanksgiving in the United States. We are building our own looms and the kids will learn how to weave like the American Indians did many years ago. There are many ways to add a Thanksgiving touch to all of your subjects this month. For a younger student who is learning math with counters use dried corn in place of math counters. Make a chart of some sort. Start an online poll asking people what their favorite pie of choice for the holiday is. Let your student make a chart of the results showing how many more like pumpkin pie than say pecan pie.

Arts and crafts will be fun also. There are many construction paper crafts found online for Thanksgiving inspired arts and crafts. Find a paper bag puppet coloring sheet. Let them color, cut out and glue on to some brown lunch bags. Have a puppet show with your American Indian and Pilgrim puppets. Look at all things your kids would find fun and find the education in it.

We have also determined to "UnSchool", because my kids really like the non textbook learning (my oldest anyway, because my middle child hasn't had to use textbooks at all yet). We use internet, workbooks and the world around us to learn. I can find stuff online to explain a topic if I don't already know how to. We look it up on google via our PS3 so it is up on a big screen. We read it together and I will ask questions about stuff we are reading. It also helps when having to take notes for a report we are researching together. When a child is explained to they learn, but when they do they remember.

For our science we are going to be making a terrarium which a vegetable garden will be grown in. It will teach them the plant life cycle and about our ecosystem. To learn growth and have a harvest of their own will help them understand how great it is and why the pilgrims and American Indians celebrated their great harvest each year.

With that happy learning and hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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