Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Merry Christmas - Happy Holidays!

Sorry I have not been blogging in awhile! We have been a busy family trying to find our niche in the home schooling world. As everyone knows we started out with Connections Academy. This did not work for us due to the lack of flexibility. We tried the same concept as how they do with Connections Academy and public school of workbooks, reading, planning and all of that other stuff just at a more relaxed pace. This failed miserably for us. My children actually refused to work for awhile. So we tried unschooling and when they did do schoolwork it was going to be worksheets, planned out stuff for whatever they wanted to do. Again did not work for us. I have been on the verge of a nervous break down! Then I discovered Montessori. This method is very new to us and we just started today, but my oldest son who has been struggling with the concept of multiplication got it in just a few minutes!

The heavens opened up and the angels sang when he looked at me smiled and gave me the answer for the math problem I verbally gave him. We as a group (myself, my 9 year old, my 6 year old and my 4 year old) sat down and made a paper chain for the top section of our tree where the lights don't reach. My youngest named off colors for me and added to a pattern. He also figured out missing parts to a pattern and counted. My middle son did addition for me and added to a pattern. My oldest used the pieces for the links to show the concept of a multiplication problem I gave him while keeping the links he laid out in pattern with the rest of the chain. We then put together the chain. We counted how how many colors were in the pattern we made and then counted out how many sections of pattern we had in the chain. My oldest then did the multiplication part of it to tell us how many links total we had in our chain. He did so in his mind.

The rest of our week since this is our last week before Holiday break we will be making homemade clay to make ornaments for gifts. We will also make snowflakes to hang from our icicle lights we have in our house and start preparing and decorating things for a Christmas Dinner my children planned, bought for and will be preparing for family members. We will be finishing up making gifts for people who will be here to receive the gifts and wrapping them up to put under our tree for Saturday night.

We are going to take 3 weeks off from home schooling before starting back in the new year. Our new year is going to bring a new school project. The kids will be starting an Etsy shop online to sell crafts that they will be making. They have already named it (Heritage Crafts) and are looking forward to learning from this experience!

Till later hope everyone is having a wonderful week.
Stay safe and warm,

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