Thursday, February 16, 2012

Extremely Happy!

So I told everyone about the Texas State Railroad train ride we took our kids on this past weekend. I  had mentioned that they were talking about closing it down due to financial issues. Well I am happy to say they will be running for the 2012 season (hoping the finances increase for them this year) so we will be hopefully attending the Polar Express train ride Christmas 2012 season.

However we had originally planned to take the Steamy Excursion ride Feb 25th, but due to them not knowing if doors would be closing or not on the 15th they called and asked if we wanted to do the Snoopy Valentine ride instead or get a refund. We did the Snoopy ride which was a lot of fun. We are now planning on still going down and doing the Steamy Excursion for our vacation as previously planned. Yes it is that much fun to ride on a  train. The people who do these excursions are amazing and really nice people. They make the experience that much more fun.

The train ride we previously took was with a Diesel engine which mind you my son loved it. However he is a steamy at heart thanks to Thomas. Hopefully we will get to check out the inside of the steam engine before boarding so he can see what it looks like up close and personal. Thankfully also we will have warmer and nicer weather so we won't be chattering teeth while we wait to board and during our stop at the Palestine depot. 

We plan on going by coach again (not climate controlled, but it's all good) and enjoying every second of the ride. It is supposed to be in the upper 60s that day and sun shining so we will be in for a beautiful day. 

If any of you ever want to do something outside of where you live or even if you live in Texas ride through the country side to Rusk, Tx (some trains leave out at Palestine) and take a train ride. Enjoy the country side of East Texas. 

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