Saturday, February 18, 2012

Rainy Day Saturday

My husband's week vacation officially started this morning! He got to take the day off from work so he said hey let's go to the mall. We usually end up there on rainy days when we need to just get out of the house and do something. Enjoyed the day together with a little light shopping (him and the boys got new video games and he found him some shoes on sale), lunch at Subway, arcade and finished it off with a movie.

We got to see the new Ghost Rider movie in 3D. It is an AWESOME movie to say the least. 3D made it even more amazing. Loved it and give it not two thumbs up but four. I will borrow a few extras from someone for that. My 4 year old son even sat back chowing down on the large bag of popcorn and watched it! You know the movie is good when the littlest ones who normally are complaining actually sits and watches most of the movie. I even got to sit and see most of the movie. Missed a small part at the start when I was stuck in line to get popcorn and drinks, then for potty break.

This one is a bit different from the first one, because it shows his face changing back and forth in parts. It doesn't seem as computer generated in my opinion. Could have been the 3D effect. It had some really funny parts to it too. Nicholas Cage all around is a really good actor. His crazyness comes out in whoever and whatever he plays. I am beginning to think he is slowly losing his mind. Maybe it's the infamous Haunted LaLaurie House in New Orleans infesting his very soul. Whatever it is keep it up, because it shows through in his characters.

We checked out Journey also and were looking at the Converse shoes they had in there. Converse have come a long way from the basic red, black and white Converse high tops we all know and love. They now have some black with rainbow colors, hot pink, canary yellow and even a bright green color. I myself want the black low cuts that have trim of rainbow colors. I love black as the main color and the bright colors around the edges.  Found some really cute Lauren Polo suede boots also, but like I told my husband. $50 suede boots in red clay mud does not mix! They were really cute and very tempting to buy, but I decided to pass. I can probably find some cheaper online anyway that are cuter. Maybe I can find the Converse low cuts of my dreams.

Yes those are Dr Seuss Converse. Neat huh! My kids would probably wear something like this (or myself even). We are big Dr Seuss fans. We are actually waiting to receive our book The Lorax and one other book about trees told by the Lorax. For school we will be reading The Lorax and discussing our planet. We will talk about tress, our environment and how we affect our earth. This will be leading up to the premiere of The Lorax (in theaters March 2nd) which my kids are ready for. We will have a little Dr Seuss party and learn a lot of fun stuff about our planet and the area we live in. We will learn about the rain forest, recycling and how we can help our environment today. I am not a big hippy tree hugging momma, but I do believe in respecting our planet. We only have one after all!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

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CajunEllen said...

Hi Momma Talks!
I somehow stumbled upon your blog and think it's GREAT! I am originally born and raised in Louisiana but now live in Canada so it's nice to read stories from people back home :)

I look forward to reading future blogs from you!

Lisa Ellen