Friday, February 10, 2012

Remodeling the Kitchen!

Me and my husband have talked for a year now about remodeling our kitchen. Well actually to remodel our entire mobile home, but to start with the kitchen. The kitchen is where the most demolition would be taking place (aside from my children's bathroom since their bathtub will be pulled out for a shower to go in and the plywood floor totally replaced due to the floor being flooded by the kids) and the most expensive of all the house over all will be the kitchen.

We got our income taxes in last week and after buying our new cell phones we went to Lowes and purchased our new appliances, counter top, sink, faucet, stove, dishwasher and washing machine. We bought 5 new premade cabinets and the wall panels we decided on putting up in the kitchen. Of course you start tearing into stuff and decided oh hey lets take this wall out and remove this that and the other just to discover (or make) more things you need to fix/do. 

Last night our new cabinets, sink and counter went in! A week with NO counter space since my husband cut it out around the sink I rejoiced and I can not stop cleaning my new counter just so I can see the light shine on it. I finally have a counter long enough to hold my microwave and still have room around it for other small appliances. I have room for my coffee maker, tea maker and a large section for prepping what I am cooking! I will have an island put in as well. :) Really happy about that! Going to redo the ceiling to make it look like a white wood planked ceiling. Small things left to do on the wall around the counter since it is a brick looking panel. That stuff is pretty much impossible to match up so We will improvise and make it look nice with a wood strip molding. Maybe fix me a section for an herb garden in my window sill. 
So many ideas between me and my husband for what all we would love to do to our kitchen to improve it even more. Only part about this whole remodel I hate is the mess left behind for us to clean up! Why can't we just zap the debris with something and it go poof. Where are you fairy godmother when I need you most?!?!  

Oh and just to let everyone know. EVERYTHING was picked out by my husband except for the fridge. I picked that out myself. He  has wonderful taste. :) I will have to show off my stove later. It is a beautiful black glass cooktop stove. Amazing at how easy it is to clean it! I had so much trouble keeping the regular stove top range we had clean and have actually caught it on fire a few too many times due to grease and food getting under the top. So happy to be rid of it! 

Hope everyone is having a blessed Friday! 

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