Thursday, March 8, 2012

God Called his Angel Home

One of my cousins who I was really close to growing up (she was like a big sister to me) passed away yesterday. I just found out this evening so in her memory I wrote this poem. Thought what better place to put it than here on my blog.

In Memory of Sheila Cripps Roberson who returned to heaven 3/7/2012.

Heaven called your name today and God asked for you to return
Home is where you needed to be leaving us all to mourn
We mourn our loss while we celebrate your life
Thanking god he brought you to us
We shed a tear of sorrow, because we hold you near

We hold you close to our heart so in sorrow we shall cry
We love you much and hold you high so in glory you shall fly
We smile and remember all of the great memories you brought
Memories of years ago and some of yesterday
The times you held a hand and helped someone along the way

So while I sit and remember your hair of Raven black
I remember everything you shared in my life from way back
The tears you wiped away when I fell and skinned my knee
The hugs you gave to me when my grandmother had to leave
I remember how close you were to me deep down in my heart
You were like the sister I never had and I hoped you we would never part

I miss the days of closeness and the nights we had our talks
And even though God has called his fairest angel home
Our talks will never end for this truth I will forever hold
For each night I can look up at the stars and at the moon
I know you will be there listening as I speak
Looking down upon all of us left here below
Watching over us all, yes this I really know

When the day comes that God gives me my wings
We will tiptoe on the stars smiling and giggling again
Because I know this good bye is not a forever
But will be a Hello, How have you been once again

By LaSabra Caldwell

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