Friday, March 30, 2012

Let's get random!

Hope everyone is having a blessed Friday morning so far. I have been on my feet cleaning my kitchen up good this am. It is spring time so I decided I guess it is time to spring clean. Get it done while it is still cool in here. Our temps here in the south have been hitting what is summer temps for most. My kids love it though although I don't. Makes the skeeters come out in massively!

I like to sit off and on to relax after cleaning a large area of my house. I sit and read post on Facebook and news links that get posted. This is how I keep up with the world outside my walls since my children claim the tv ALL DAY usually. I was just reading a post about Mattel. They are releasing a bald Barbie to boost sick kids' spirits. How amazing is that?!?!

I also came across a post from Parenting's Facebook page. It was a 10 on the Ew scale. A lady found a moldy tampon in her box. Um yea... That sounds real healthy. I have also found out that there is a company who is planning on releasing Solar Panels and Wind Turbines that are going to be cheap! You install them yourself which takes a few hours (more for the larger ones). It helps to take away from the electrical use (the more panels you have installed obviously means the less power you will use) which in the end helps our beautiful mother earth and your pocket book.

I can tell you I can not wait for this to be released for purchase. I would love to convert our home to solar. Or at least have some solar to help us out. I am tired of major light bills over $100 coming in. I would love to start seeing $40 - $50 light bills instead if that is at all possible. Also here is a green tip for anyone who lives in areas like apartment buildings, close housing and such. We all know in hot weather especially homes start to see critters like the annoying German Roaches and other cockroaches. Simple and green way to kill on contact if you see a few here or there. Take a spray bottle and fill it with soapy water. Use the same amount of soap you would use to wash dishes. Spray one directly and it will cover the pores they breath through causing it to suffocate.

Another tip to help keep them from migrating and infesting cabinets and drawers. Peel or slice cucumbers and place the peelings/slices under things like your microwave, inside cabinets and inside drawers. They are repelled by the smell of cucumbers and the more mashed and what not the more powerful. You can also blend it up into a liquid and put it out.

Have a good Friday!

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