Friday, April 13, 2012


Now a days you have all these fad diets and the starve a lots just to lose those few pounds. I am a person who has had issues since I  hit adulthood and a year before I even hit 18. I have something they call Gilbert's Syndrome. This means I have a mutated enzyme in my liver and apparently from researching it online my digestive is slowed due to this. A slow digestion can affect things like your blood sugar among other things. I use to be on a strict diet (or what my husband saw as me starving myself and eating like a bird) where I would eat small but many meals. It was more like I snacked constantly instead of eating a big meal. I will not lie I was a snacker and it took me a few years before I could figure out what I could and couldn't eat and how much.

I would eat as little beef as possible (found out recently things like beef and pork are digested slower than poultry and fish) and tried not to eat a lot of fried foods. When I would eat fried foods it was no big deal, because my body was in great condition and doing well once I got everything back in check. I met my husband and he thought I ate like a bird. I am not going to lie... I LOVE food. All kinds of food. I love to cook, taste and enjoy. If it is put in front of me I am going to eat it. I never just picked and snacked all the time before hand, because i would go out to eat once in awhile. I would go for big family dinners, but since this was not a often thing for me it did not bother me.

My husband would cook good country meals like what his grandmother would make. Lots of meat, potatoes or rice and very few if any vegetables. I would fix my plate and he would say no you need more than that. I would end up sitting down with a plate FULL of death in front of me. I call it death, because it was death to my liver. Things that take it so long to digest and deal with. I went from feeling great, healthy in good shape to tired, sluggish and gaining weight. When I was pregnant with my oldest though I stopped eating meat. I couldn't stand ANYTHING of the meat persuasion for months. We would go out to eat to Shoney's a lot which I would get the vegetable bar so I could just sit and eat as much mac n cheese and veggies I wanted.

My second pregnancy I could eat meat a little more, but still was a huge veggie eater. My last pregnancy however I was a major Taco Bell fan and ate lots of Taco Salads and drank a lot of sweet tea's from Grandy's. I could not stomach anything but that and pizza for the whole pregnancy just about. I couldn't stand the smell of bread and rarely even set foot into my kitchen. I could not stand the smell of my kitchen I will put it that way. Bread, meats and anything else that was processed. Even now I am not huge on white bread. Honey Wheat is my favorite or home made White bread.

Now I am back to square one as I was when I was 18. Sick feeling, indigestion/heart burn issues and just feeling plain blah. I want to lose the weight I put back on (I lost a lot in 2009, but due to stress and depression it found its way back and brought a few extra friends with it). So far over the last year I was able to drop the extra that came with the other. Now I am working on what I started out with in 2009. My plan??? Change my diet back to what it should be for one. Little to no meats and LOTS of veggies and fruits. I will not go vegan, because I love my cheese too much. However I have already cut out things like eggs (they don't digest well for me, but still have them once in a blue moon) and when we have dinners of ground beef or greasy I eat veggies alone. I still eat my Mac n Cheese, rice and potatoes also. I will eat a turkey sandwich, but no processed meats. Just good yummy deli slice.

I am also going to be starting the Brazilian Butt Lift workout hopefully soon. I want to lift my booty. :) I am really excited about this! I have been looking forward to it since my husband said he will buy it for me. I guess my birthday gift to myself will be just to stick with it no matter how hard it gets and get that amazing body and booty I have always dreamed of having. So with the butt lift in hand and a "Flexiterian" diet (almost full vegetarian but not) I plan on rocking it and showing off a new hot bod in a few months.

I have already started to LOSE a good bit of inches just from dropping a lot of the meat. I am guessing slow digestion means slow metabolism (possibly??). There is another diet that a lot of people may be able to try out and enjoy called The Kind Diet. It is a Vegan diet (I will not go fully vegan, because a lot of the vegan diet calls for Coconut products from coconut oil to coconut milk which I am allergic to coconut) and looks really yummy. It is def something to check out. :)

So remember Fad Diets and starving yourself is a horrible thing to do. When you starve your body it eats the muscle not the fat. Fad diets cause you to lose then to gain it all back and then some. It is a lifestyle change that helps you lose and keep it off. So get healthy, stick with it and keep living a healthy life.

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