Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Very important! Show your thanks to a POW!

Ok look everyone. I have something really important to put out there for all of you. I have a friend who has a petition online with the white house. This is an actual White House petition. It is to bring home a POW (prisoner of war) back to his family where he belongs. My friend has 30 days from today to get 25,000 signatures. So far there are only two. My own and his. He needs 24,998 more. So please sign this petition (takes 5 minutes to sign up and sign) and pass it on. This is very important! This is why us as American's have a voice to be heard, because people like this man who is a POW and people like my friend who both serve our country to keep us free.

Show your thanks by showing your support! Click here!!

Come on everyone. I know everyone says they support our troops and they are thankful to them. Show it now by taking 5 minutes out of your busy day sign up and hit that signed button. I would love to see those numbers rise instead of only showing 2 lonely signatures. Show some compassion and appreciation and let these two soldiers know you guys really do appreciate and care about what they have done for our country and it's people.

Thank in advance to every single person who signs that petitions.
God bless everyone. :)

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