Friday, June 8, 2012

Childhood Memories: Southern Summers

I am going to take a trip down memory lane today. I have been thinking about my family a lot trying to figure out where and how everyone got screwed up, just to realize it's always been like this. Only thing different is me and my cousins grew up. Yep that's right everyone I am actually an adult with the mind of a semi-adult. So yea I wanna  take a trip down memory lane. I remember so much from my childhood that actually makes me wish things never changed. I mean it's not just memories from when I was little living in Louisiana. It is memories from being a Tween in Southern California when we lived in the High Desert and memories from being a teenager/young adult living in Southern Oregon. See I technically was ALWAYS in the south.

Do you remember slip and slides? I don't mean the slip and slides like they have now with the rafts you slide on and whatever else it is. I mean those banana yellow thin half a mile long plastic slip and slides. The ones that once you did a belly bust on it to try and slide to the end you pray you don't hit a stray rock or stick you may have missed while setting it up. Or if you did how some people have done and set it up on a hill so you can like a fool slide down it at light speed. Now a days people make what hey call redneck slip and slides. Black Plastic rolled down a hill and sprinklers or whatever they use set up to wet it. That way you can slide down a hill at light speed and pray the plastic doesn't wrap around you and eat you all up.

Do you remember those plastic pools? I think they still sell them at Walmart. You know the ones your mom or dad pulled out of the box that was all rolled up with those hard plastic sides that would snap and crack out of the blue for no reason. You had to fill it up with water and pray the sides stayed up while doing so. All of mine always had a picture of fish all the way around it. I would take a 5 gallon bucket when I was a kid and set it just outside the pool. This was my redneck diving board. Yes I use to dive off into this 11/2 - 2 foot deep puddle of a pool. I was like a fish once I hit under the water. Also found out when a girl twice your size sits on your while your snorkeling under water you can in fact drown if she snatches your snorkel out of your mouth refusing to let you up.

Do you remember homemade ice cream? I miss sitting on a front porch after a big family dinner listening to the old people talk while my grandpa cranked the ice cream. Nothing beats homemade ice cream on a hot southern summer day that is for sure. Homemade from scratch cake with homemade ice cream on top. Oh my god where is the ice cream maker when you need it. Milkshakes, Malts and Sundaes oh my.

What are some of your Childhood Memories that come around this time of year?

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