Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hotel Transylvania and Lunch!

We don't do this often enough, but when we do it's amazing and special. We unplugged from the internet for the entire day! Woo hoo! Got up early yesterday morning and since my husband had the day off we headed out to Lowes. Picked up wood for our upcoming project of building a porch/deck. After we got the wood home we headed out for breakfast at Wendy's then speech for my youngest. From speech we headed out to the mall where we did a little shopping. Hit up Toys r Us express where I got my kiddos a learning tool to help teach them how to tie their shoes, Candy Craze for a lbs each child of candy (love their take out chinese boxes they have for $0.99... great for giving a child and telling them you can fill this up and that is it), FYE to find a movie Walmart no longer has (our go to for those movies Walmart no longer carries since they became limited) then we went and watched Hotel Transylvania in 3D.

This movie was absolutely amazing and so cute in 3D. We were turned off of 3D when we saw the new Ghost Rider movie in 3D. Animated movies apparently is better in 3D, because it was like the stuff actually was coming out of the screen. My middle son kept yelling out "It looks like it's coming out to get me!". Now I want to see the movie with Jack Frost, Santa, Easter Bunny and all in it, but in 3D. The preview in 3D was amazing! Hotel Transylvania was a really cute movie also and it will be one we buy when it hits DVD/Bluray.

After the  movie filled with great music (loved the Sexy and I know it they played in the movie... one of my fave songs and OMFG is one of my fave duet/groups) we headed back to Toys r Us and got daddy a toy before heading out from the mall and back towards home. Stopped off at a small truck stop and had lunch (love truck stop food!) then hit up Walmart. Got some toys, pizza and the new Monopoly Millionaire game. Also had to pick me up a travel battleship game to play while sitting in bed with the hubby one evening. Stayed up till 10:30 pm with the kiddos and hubby playing Monopoly and eating pizza. This is why I love homeschooling also. We play board games to teach math and can stay up late at night playing them.

It was odd for me not to hop online any (aside from when I used google once on the computer and on my phone) and to just spend an entire day unplugged with the family. Oh yea! We also built the frame of our porch last night! Get to finish it up this evening after my hubby gets off of work. :) Great things happen when we remove the computer from our lives long enough to enjoy them.

What do you and your family like to do when you unplug for a day or more?

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