Monday, December 17, 2012

Bring Back Love!

The nation was truly in shock after what happened Friday morning in Newtown, CT. I know myself when I did find out around noon time was just like "wtf!"... We have never had a school shooting here in our area, but there have been school lockdowns. One a parish from us due to a student shooting and killing his parents the night before then going to school the next day. That alone scared me to the point I didn't know if I wanted my child going to school ever again. Never though have I seen something such as this and honestly can not believe it happened in an Elementary school. I have always said the day a school shootings happens in an Elementary school is the day we all have to stop and figure out where humanity in this world has gone.

Today I as I was working on my page for "The Saint Nicholas Project" I noticed one of the little boys was only 11 days younger than my middle son. It made me literally sit here and cry. I don't think I would be able to move forward in my life if one of my children was taken from me like these children were taken from their families. Also in light of the Sandy Hook shooting we are hearing about Westboro wanting to picket them. On many post I have seen on Facebook so much added hate is on there. People mad, because the president wiped away tears he had in his eye over these children's deaths. They think he should have cried over the deaths of the children overseas who died from drones. I am sure he did. Any human would. Even if he didn't get on television and shed that tear. So why add more hate on top of hate? Show compassion.

Then there are the arguments and fights on Facebook on these pages people have taken and set up in memory of those who died. Oh and can't forget about the pages made out of hate for people with Aspergers saying the "Assburgers" are going to kill all of our children. Humanity is starting to slip away that much more! I don't believe the end of the world is the 21st of December. I think the end of the world is each day our compassion and humanity continues to leave us. Without these we have nothing and we are less than nothing. So I decided to start and release my project early. It is a reminder to kill hate with love.

Come like The Saint Nicholas Project  on Facebook and visit the website as well. Show your support by helping to spread the word of love and compassion. Help remove hate one smile at a time.

Happy Holidays,
L Caldwell

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