Saturday, December 29, 2012

Eye on the Prize!

I have been getting myself psyched up for my New Years Goal. I have read a lot, downloaded some running apps to my phone and already looked online and found the type of running shoes I want to buy. I am counting down the days to when I buy those shoes. A lot of people may ask, "Why not buy them now?" Because we are one of those families who live paycheck to paycheck and I won't have the money until Monday. So it will literally be a New Year starting Goal. I am going to be doing the Couch to 5K training program which will be done here around the area I live in or I will go to the park to train. We have two great parks for training and one of those parks is the park where the 5k I plan to participate in will be held. I am thinking about seeing if it is a trail run or if they will be using the paved trail around the pond. That way once I get further into my training I can start going once a week out there and  train on the track. Try to improve my time and distance.

So my new motto now is: "Keeping my eye on the prize and not letting anything get in my way." 

On another note. I am slightly addicted to Tumblr. It has pictures for my fave shows, Actors/Actresses and beautiful photography and art. I find motivational inspiring pictures as well and spiritual quotes. So do not be surprised if my tumblr finds start to find their way to my blog! I enjoy sharing the motivation and inspiration.

My obsessions going into 2013:

1) Doctor Who - I however must say my fave Doctor is the
Tenth Doctor
(David Tennant) and Rose was awesome. 
Although Matt Smith is slowly growing on me. David Tennant was that Crazy Funny and Matt Smith is that Childish Goofy Funny type.

2) The Walking Dead - I have two fave characters from this show. One is Officer Rick Grimes and the other is Redneck Daryl Dixson. Best moment of the show was when Daryl named the baby "Little-Kick-Ass". It showed his character has a heart after all instead of the hard ass redneck it starts him out as. My other favorite Character died end of Second Season. The old man with the RV was awesome. I wish they got rid of Andrea instead of him honestly. I was however glad to see Shane go and it was sad Lori died, but she caused a lot of drama with her and Rick. Made me want to slap them both through the tv. Her for not just being up front and saying hey I slept with home dude, because he told me you were dead then getting mad at her husband for shooting the man who tried to kill him due to wanting his best friend's wife. Rick, because he didn't just tell her to grow up or move on. Guess he wanted to believe in love a little more.

3) Reading up on fitness, running and how to be able to push yourself to finish those 3 miles. I dream now of not just finishing my first 5k, but moving up to starting and finishing my first Full Marathon. *Eye on the Prize*

4) Music - I have always been obsessed with music, but this is an obsession for new music. There is tons of new songs out there, new styles, new everything. I have discovered a girl who does dubstep violin! Lindsey Stirling I believe is her name.

Simply breathtakingly amazingly beautiful violin playing at it's finest. I also have found Salt Lake Pops Orchestra. I love the remake they did of Katy Perry's Firework. I can actually sing along with the key the guy sings in! So huge plus. (Yes I use to sing not just in Church Choir, but also in Concert Choir and use to dream of going somewhere with my singing. That's what I get for letting people hold me and my dreams back.)

So I guess you can say this new obsession with this style is an old obsession made over. Always loved classical music, orchestras and opera. It's in my list with the 3 Tenors now.

5) I would say Zombies, but that obsession mainly stays with the show The Walking Dead. I do watch some Zombie filled movies, but they are not my all time woo hoo factors. My number 5 obsession would have to be History more so now than before. I have been working on mine and my husband's family tree for our boys. I  have found so much amazing history in the family  trees that does nothing but improve self confidence. Makes me want to improve that much  more knowing that my ancestors never let their situations stop them.

So with that said I am ready to go into 2013 and find more great things to add to my obsession list.
Many blessings and good wishes to all of you! Stay Safe!
L Caldwell

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