Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tablets for Speech Education?

I was sitting here last night reading my Facebook feed when I came across a post from Autism with a Side of Fries. The mother who runs this page had asked if anyone had heard of Medicaid paying for an iPad. I became curious, because I never heard of this. I googled and found out that yes Medicaid will in fact pay for an iPad when it is for a non-verbal child. This really amazed me since iPads can be used for more than just the child's needs.

So on that note I started to search and read on the Nabi 2. We have looked at the Nabi 2 in the past for our children. I have been wanting to get one for my youngest, because it has stuff on it for his education to help him learn to read and so forth. I got to thinking, "if this thing will benefit and help him out with speech and to tell us in public what he wants I am sold." He has a complex about talking in front of strangers, because a lot of people can not understand him. Other children for some reason can, but he also doesn't mumble as low with other kids when he talks. So to help save us from a frustrated trip outside of the house and him feeling left out due to not being able to put his say in on something I will spend $200 for this kid friendly tablet.

I discovered TaptoTalk which can be downloaded on Android and iOS. The Nabi 2 is an Android powered OS and has TaptoTalk in the Nabi App Store. Huge plus there! So i spoke with my son's speech therapist today and she said TaptoTalk will be beneficial for him. If it shows the text as well then it will help him learn to read as well. It has read a long books also I believe (do not hold me to this) so we will be investing in a Nabi 2 soon. Yay! I know he is really excited just to be getting his own tablet he can use to play some games on that are appropriate for his age.

So on that note. Hope everyone has a beautiful Thursday! :)

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