Monday, April 29, 2013

Goals Met!

I made a goal for myself on the first of April after going for my appointment. I decided I wanted to lose 10 lbs in the month of April. I wanted to be able to walk into my next doctor appointment and be weighed showing I have put forward the effort. Well today is two days until the end of this month and I am happy to say I have only 9 ozs left to go to hit that 10 lost goal. Do I think I can do it? Yes! I will weigh in the next two days just to see if I am losing those last few ounces of weight then get my weight on May 1st so I know what my starting weight is for next months goal.

I want to step up my goals however and add a few extra small goals on to my weight loss. I have already made a goal to drink more water. I have done this except for one week I slacked. This next month I plan on starting an ab/core workout, continuing to drink my water, cutting out sodas 100% and maybe tossing some basic yoga or stretching exercises into the mix. Ready for next month to start so I can stomp out another 10.

My birthday is July 12th and I do have the goal to be in the 180s by then. I don't care if it is just 189 (which I plan on it being a lower number than that) as long as I am in the 80 range. I am ready to be rocking 34 in a body I can be proud and confident to have.

So what have I changed this month?

  • Drink my 8 glasses of 8 oz of water daily
  • Switched white bread for wheat bread
  • Cut back on non-lean meats
  • Stopped drinking sodas a lot
  • Cut down on butter intake
  • I use ONLY mustard in place of mayo
  • Salsa in place of dressings
  • I educated myself with a food diary
These small things helped me a lot. I also started moving more even if it was just getting up walking around. I dance around for 30 mins each day to some really upbeat good mood music. I feel good making healthy choices. I have switched chocolate and candy bars for Lemonheads when I need sugar and granola bars. I also enjoy the 100 calorie snacks. 

So here is to being healthier, happier and 10 lbs lighter! 

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