Friday, April 12, 2013

It's Friday!!!!

So like I mentioned in my post about my wake up call... I am working on losing weight and getting healthy again. My kids deserve a mom who isn't so grumpy, always feels tired and suffers from headaches constantly. I spent the weekend last week searching for a shake mix I can use. I can not use the Slim Fast due to the Aspartame in it. It caused me to be very sick within a day of using it. A lot of super food shake mixes are full of ingredients I am allergic to. Found lots I could have, but they were out of my price range. I would love to try Rockin' Wellness (so if anyone knows how I might can score a sample to review on here let me know) to see if I even like it before dropping the $60 for a pack. We ended up settling on a protein shake powder from Walmart. The taste is not horrid, but it does in fact taste better mixed in cold milk instead of cold water.

I also invested in Organic Chia Seeds. They take getting use to due to the texture, but they have healthy benefits to them. They even make you feel full and are loaded with protein and omega-3. I hate taking fish oil pills and actually don't do this. I should, but yea those pills are huge. So this gives me my omega-3 without me having to choke on a pill. I use Myfitnesspal application for recording  my food, exercise and water intake. It is really easy. I also use Sparkpeople, but this is more for recording my weight and the community it offers. It also has great articles and professionals who can answer your questions. My exercise right now aside from every day motherhood is dancing. I dance to high upbeat songs for an hour or more. I hope to get up to doing it for 2 hours without having to constantly stop, but that is a goal.

I had weighed in on Monday and was up to 207. I had gained 1 lbs and a few ounces from the Friday before. I didn't let it discourage me, but this week I have been sick with inflamed tonsils and such so I haven't been doing my exercising. I have still tried to watch my food intake and did get up to move around a little for at least 30 minutes each day despite how I have been feeling. My reward? I dropped 2.6 lbs since Monday. I have also made sure I drink my water each day. I have a 24 oz cup that has a lid and straw on it. I fill this up and drink about 4 of them a day. I haven't the last two days unfortunately. I need to get a new water filter for my fridge so I can drink my water without being grossed out by the tap water flavor.

Just to give all of you an example of a days meal for me...
Breakfast: 8 oz cold water, 1 scoop Protein Powder, 2 tsp Organic Chia Seeds (if I don't use the Chia Seeds due to late breakfast I will just mix my shake with 8 oz fat free organic milk)
Snack: Anything that is 100 calories or less (I enjoy the Fiber One Cookies/Brownies, but plan on making my own recipe soon to make some that are healthier)
Lunch: Whole Wheat Bread, Mustard, Black Forrest Deli Ham, 1 slice of deli cheese (never eat processed cheese or Ham)
Snack: Same as above... Anything 100 calories or less
Dinner: Salad and a small portion of whatever I cooked for my family
Snack: Same as above

My breakfast and lunch are usually no more than 250 calories. My dinners have been being 200 or so in calories. At most sometimes a little over 300. If I am under my 1200 intake I will in fact snack a couple more times in the day. I allow myself to actually eat at most 1500 calories in a day. It is not going to kill me and as long as I am doing it healthy it is ok.

I would not say get in the habit of counting calories. Just use that as a tool to show you and teach you about your food intake. Once you learn how to eat healthier and use this to teach you what is healthy then stop with the counting. We should not have to have a lifestyle where we walk around with food diaries attached to our hands to jot down every single crumb. There are a few things I might take a bite of I do not calculate. I do not calculate my drinks either, because I mostly drink water. I drink sweet tea when we go out to eat. I don't mind checking my calories of a full size meal in a restaurant, but that is so I know how much of it I should honestly eat. Remember your healthy food proportions if you eat outside of your home.

Stay Healthy and Have a blessed Friday!

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