Saturday, April 6, 2013

My Wake Up Call...

I honestly hope this go around I do in fact get to blog more often. I know it will be a great way for me to get my thoughts out. I have noticed for a few years now something with my morning fasting blood sugar. 2010 it was slightly elevated in the mornings and when I would eat it would actually drop a little low. Now it has increased to being a little higher in the mornings and have actually had it drop down to 60 right after eating. So I finally called and made an appointment with The Health Hut which is free medical care in our parish. If they can't do it they give you contacts to people who can do it for free or on a sliding scale of what your income is.

So I go in to The Health Hut for a diabetes screening this past Monday. I need to seriously lose some weight. Well more than just some, but yea you get the idea. I am Pre-Diabetic and having to go back in a week to have my CMP test redone. This deals with Liver and Kidney function. Something with my liver was found I am guessing that they want to recheck. I am in need of a healthy diet change. That change being I need to actually eat breakfast and lunch and stop putting all of my daily calories into my evening dinner. So between starving my body, not drinking enough water and over doing it on my digestive system at night I have put on some weight. I have managed over the years since 2011 to drop 30 lbs, but got to the 200 - 210 mark and just keep going back and forth here. I will not lie... When I was weighed Monday it said I weighed 211 lbs. I don't know how much of a difference my wii fit board (which I use at home as a scale) is from the scale they have, but I weighed yesterday and was 205.7 lbs now.

I have already made major changes this week. I drink pretty much nothing BUT water. I get in 4 - 5 24 oz cups of water in a day. I keep my calories around 1200 or just a little over. I eat 4 - 6 small meals a day and 3 - 4 snacks. I am doing intense dancing for an hour a day to get my cardio in. I don't want to add strength training in till my body is more healthy and can handle me adding weights in. I will be making more changes to my diet as I work on finding what is right for my body.

So along with my lifestyle change and makeover my post on here hopefully will start being directed more towards health and healthy living. I will share my successes, my fails, my recipes, my thoughts and whatever else comes to mind to me to share. I am hoping to slowly increase these healthy choices into my kids lives as well as they see me make these changes. I am not going to make them do away with all of the fun things about being a kid and loving the goodies, but I am going to show them more goodies (which they already explore now as it is) that nature gives us. My kids already enjoy vegetarian meals when we have them and these are meals that are rich in really good vegetables. They enjoy eating vegetables in their Raw state for snacks and fruits as well. It's the little changes that count as long as they continue to grow into more and more little changes.

Enjoy a Safe and Beautiful Saturday!

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