Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Why Envy?

People say they envy the ones who are skinny, fit and in shape. I have seen this a lot since I have started looking through "thinspiration" and fitness stuff on pinterest. Really though? Why envy someone else? It isn't like you can't have a body like that also. These women worked hard for what they have. They didn't achieve it by sitting around envying another person.

People try to find the easy ways out. I will say now it is easy to put on the weight, but not to lose it. You have to work for the body you want. Eat right and say no thank you to that greasy cheeseburger and fries. Choose a Salad or even grilled chicken instead. Drink lots of water and less of everything else. Cut back or cut out sugar intake, processed and refined sugars and eat your whole grains. Superfoods are indeed super so toss some into your daily menu. Eat Raw! You don't have to eat raw every meal. You could have a raw lunch and two raw snacks a day. It's the little things and the small goals we make for ourselves that helps us achieve.

So instead of envying someone else for having the body you want... Work hard and become the one that someone else sits and envies. Remember... It's not a Diet, it's a lifestyle change. Diets are temporary. Life is forever.

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