Thursday, May 23, 2013

A New Look

My life is taking some turns and slowly changing so my blog will also be going under some changes. As many know I have been making a healthy lifestyle change due to medical reasons. Thankfully I found out I am not pre-diabetic. Unfortunately I have found out I  have high Cholesterol. What does this mean for me? A low cholesterol diet to try to bring my numbers down. I am being placed on a healthy lifestyle change (because this will not just be a temporary thing to get my numbers down) to get numbers lowered so I don't have to be placed on medicine. Medicine is the last thing I want. Also my calcium is going to be watched so maybe whatever is going on with that my change will help as well.

So with that said... My blog will be undergoing a face lift over the summer. I will be redesigning the style, changing the name and adding some extra things to it. I will be opening a store via my blog as well. I have a few projects going right now and hope all of you enjoy the products that will be offered. I am going to be adding an online store on here plus links to my "At Home" and "Kitsylane" sites. Also will continue to share yummy recipes via Heritage Kitchen and my walk through life right here. I am really looking forward to the changes and hope my blog continues to grow.

Hope y'all have a blessed day!

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