Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Book Review: Healing Water A Sullivan Crisp Novel by Nancy Rue & Stephen Arterburn

I am not a greatly religious person, but I do believe in faith. I think everyone should have faith no matter their beliefs and religion. I decided this weekend to scan the library shelves and find a book I could read. I picked up a few thought yea I will get this one just to decide not to and put it back on the shelf. I came across one however and I couldn't put it back on the shelf. Something told me in my head this is the book I needed to read. I love to read books that make me feel something. I read "The Help" and it made me feel sad for those who endured that mess all those years ago. It made me want to get up and try to change the world even now, because those same feelings are there in our communities. Only now it doesn't matter what you look like. People judge you and hurt you just to do it.

The book I placed in my hands is a book called "Healing Waters". On the cover it says, "For every woman struggling with self worth, here's HEALING WATERS." It is a Women of Faith Novel of the Year and after reading it I can see why it made Novel of the Year. It shows what they call "Toxic" Christian Faith. This is where a person believes if something bad at all happens in their lives or someone else's that God did it. God is either punishing them for not being perfect or he is working through them to show his miracles at work. Then you see those in the story who have a strong faith in god without blaming him for all of their worries. They don't sit and say it is my sin that put me here no matter how big or small. God did not create suffering, but he does know suffering. He knows suffering, because he knows us. This is a message in this book.

The main characters in the story are Lucia and Sullivan Crisp. Through Lucia we see her struggle with her self worth. We end up seeing her sister's struggle as well and see them come together stronger than ever. Through Sullivan we see how PPD is real. How the pain from feeling like we are not perfect can push us to death... literally. It shows when we feel like we need help to seek help. Talk to your loved ones around you. It shows a child struggling with her self worth and her Aunt Lucia showing her she is worth everything.

It is also packed with action. There is a crime that happens in this story line. It starts out looking like an accident, but it grows and makes you keep guessing on who did it. Or who would want to do it. By the end of the story you feel like the characters on those pages are real. You feel them popping off the pages. This book has helped me with my struggle I have had dealing with Faith. I have faith and always have. I have struggled with the pain people cause each other. I have faith, compassion and spirituality. I still don't want to place a title on my faith other than it is a faith in God and still love my Mother Earth.

My Healing Waters
I came away from this book feeling like I am worth a lot. I stepped forward and made sure my oldest son knew he is worth so much to us. I know with all of the hectic life going on around him with his baby brother's medical stuff he has felt like he got placed on the back burner. I made sure he knew we loved him just as much as we love his little brothers. That he is our helper and is a big boy not someone being pushed back or loved any less. So yesterday on the way to the beautiful lake beach I was able to breath a fresh air. I was able to relax and not worry about what other people thought of me due to my appearance. We met new people, made new friends and walked away feeling great about the day after we took a dip in the water.

This book gets a big stamp of approval from me. I think you should either go out and buy you a copy of it today or get it from your local library.

Hope today brings many blessings to you!


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