Thursday, December 12, 2013

10 Favorite Christmas Childhood Memories

I have seen these post on Facebook that help people learn more about you. When your friend post up say 10 things about their relationship and you like their status they give you a number. Example: You are given the number 7 so you would share 7 things about your relationship that others may not know. So where am I getting to on this? I am going to do a blog version of this! If you do this on your blog as well please comment and leave a link to your post so myself and others can check them out.

My theme for this month will be Christmas themed.

My 10 Favorite Christmas Childhood Memories:

1) Christmas Eve dinner with all of my family when my grandmother was still alive.

2) Decorating Christmas Cookies with my step niece (I am only a few years older than her) at my step sisters house.

3) Getting to go with my best friend, her mom and sisters to get their Christmas tree. We then decorated it when we got back to their house.

4) Getting to participate in a huge Christmas giveaway they had at the mall. You had to listen for a sound played on the radio to get a chance to pick a key. I won myself and my cousin a chance. We were so excited to be doing it with my mom and Aunt.

5) Doing fireworks after dinner every Christmas Eve before my grandmother passed away.

6) Getting one gift before dinner which ALWAYS was the Santa Book of Lifesavers candy.

7) The first Christmas we spent with my step dad. He made our first Christmas away from our family special.

8) Watching the Christmas shows every year on CBS.

9) Spending Christmas with new friends I considered my family when we lived in Oregon. Before we moved from there we met some great people who I was really blessed to have had come into my life.

10) Seeing my grandmothers face every Christmas Season for every year she was alive.

My grandmother was a very important person in my life. Christmas was her season and she always knew how to make it special. We were always together as a family no matter the differences we had, because of her. She died when I was 8 years old after battling cancer. The cancer is not what took her away from us, but a hospital staff and doctor's mistake not to listen to her when she said her last Chemo treatment was burning. She actually had been clear of the cancer for a bit when this happened. The radiation slowly took her away from us after that. That last Christmas with her was the last time our family was fully together for Christmas. Last year for my grandfather and everyone else in my family I cooked a dinner to take to my grandparent's house. It was the first Christmas that my Aunt's daughter spent in that house. It was the first Christmas since my grandmother passed away that everyone was under that roof to celebrate. It was the first time since my Aunt was married that her and my Uncle had spoke again. We all put our differences aside for that one night and enjoyed our family and shared our memories of my grandmother and our childhood memories with those who were new to our family. To the ones who did not have the chance to been blessed by my grandmother before she passed away. My grandmother to this day is and always will be one of the most important people in my life.

So with that said I hope you all are having a blessed Holiday Season and making memories.

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