Thursday, December 26, 2013

Changes are just around the corner!

I hope every single one of your wonderful people out there had a very blessed Holiday. I hope it was filled with laughter, smiles, joy and most of all family and friends. We forget to enjoy the special and little things like that during the hustle, bustle and holiday induced stress.

Our Christmas was amazing as always, because our boys were happy. That is what counts and matters to me. We also started a new Christmas tradition which we shall be repeating next year. I did  not have any gift tags for marking their gifts of who gets what and who it is from. We had some packages from family come in they had asked me to wrap and put them under our tree. We don't wrap gifts until Christmas Eve. So we took three separate boxes one for each child. The awkward gifts that is almost impossible to be wrapped was just placed into the box the rest were wrapped up nice. Santa did the same as what we did and placed their gifts into each child's box as well. Stockings were filled and placed on top that way they knew who's box was who's.

We started with our youngest and let him sit down with his box. He got to unwrap all of his gifts then got to see what all he got  in his stocking. Then the older two followed one at a time. They said they liked not knowing who gave them what, because it isn't about what someone gave you. They know who all gave them gifts and are thankful to all of us who did. Half of the time they are handed gifts that are marked with names and they don't even stop to read the tags. They know the meaning of Christmas and know that gifts are given out of the love someone has for them. They know Santa does this out of the joy of giving, because God joyfully gave us his son. Santa likes to reward those who are good throughout the year and helpful.

I am contemplating starting a new tradition as well this year with my boys. We have seen many different rewards charts to use to help promote good behavior. I am thinking about doing a daily/weekly/monthly naughty or nice list. I will have some sort of monthly reward, but this will also be used to evaluate their behavior when birthdays and Christmas roll around. I want my children to start realizing our actions cause consequences before they become adults and find out the hard way. Or even before they become teenagers and find out the hard way. This has weighed on my mind much with my oldest just a few years away from hitting 13. The news article about the Texas teen who killed innocent people and hurt more due to bad judgement did not help with this either. I know we are not rich so my children would be put under the jail which is reasonable, but I do not want them to grow up and think the same as this child did due to him being spoiled. Rich, poor or in between does not matter.  I am a parent and it is my job to teach my children right from wrong.

The new year will be bringing many more changes to our lives. I am thinking about changing the name of the blog. It will have the same address, just a new name and probably a new look. I want to start focusing more towards family and faith. I have been journeying on a path for the past few years dealing with many obstacles. I have  grown stronger and this I feel is my next step on my path. Many people do not know that I followed my heart and was ordained through the Universal Life Church over the summer. I did not do it so I can go forward to start my own church or anything else. I did it because I felt it was right for me to do so. I have moved through my life past few years exploring many paths and have come to find all paths lead to the same place. It is just different ways for everyone to get to the ending point. We are all after all a rainbow of God's creation. I want to start using my blog to spread words of hope, encouragement, quotes of wisdom and teachings of love. All of that along with my life as a mom and can't forget about good food! The kitchen after all is the heart of the home.

The new year will also be bringing changes to our home and family. Hopefully within the first few months we will be buying and moving into a new home. If not buying an already built home buying land to have one built or getting a nice double wide moved in on the land. My mother will be joining our household so we can help each other. It will be nice to have an added person around to help with the kids and their schooling. We are looking into also making changes in their homeschooling by moving forward with a curriculum. We have not used one since we did Connections Academy so I am shopping around to make sure I find what is right for each child. They will hopefully get to have a class room in our new home with many shelves filled with their books they enjoy to read.

This will also bring forward more ability to be organized! The home we are in now does not have the room really for us to have a school room, space to organize family games, books and whatever else we have in this little home of ours. It was great for us when we first moved here, but unfortunately as a family grows the homes do not. I am looking forward to a bigger kitchen with more counter space! I want to have the room to truly enjoy time with my kiddos inside the kitchen not just outside of it. All 3 of my children love to cook with me and my youngest has shown interest in wanting to become a chef when he grows up. I want to be able to nurture these enjoyments and create many more memories with  them before they go forward to make family and memories with children of their own.

I have also had to deal with a huge fear I have had past few months. I have become scared of time and death. I don't know why, but I think a lot of moms can relate with me on this one. My oldest is 11 years old and has 2 years before he hits in to being a teenager. I can not think of where all the other years have gone to! We have been so focused on our youngest with his medical problems, surgeries and doctor appointments time just stood still for us it seemed. This year I have been preoccupied with my own health instead. My own doctor appointments. Even had a scare in the summer when I thought I was having a heart attack due to experiencing chest pains. Luckily it was just a pulled muscle in my chest, but it still is scary. All you can think about is how your no spring chicken. Just because your a mom doesn't mean you are guaranteed tomorrow or even your children for that fact. It started to pre-occupy my thoughts of what if this and what if that or what will I do if or what will they do if. Then one day I decided I am going to stop worrying about it and just live life with my children. If I am here tomorrow to see them finish school, go on to college have children of their own then I am more than happy to share in those memories. If I lose them or they lose me I know either way there will be a lot of pain, hurt, tears, mourning and more that words can not even describe. Same goes with me and my husband if one of us loses the other one. Only thing we can do or they can do is move forward in their lives and make even more memories while keeping the memory of the lost loved one alive. I have lost two extremely important people in my life and know the lose will come soon enough since my grandfather is getting close to 90 years old and my mom herself has many healthy problems. People should always remember tomorrow is never promised and not put off to tomorrow what they could have enjoyed today.

So with all of my life changes in the new year announced I bid farewell for now. Many blessings to everyone of you and your family.

Positively and Faithfully,

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