Saturday, December 28, 2013

Please Excuse the Mess...

I have mentioned some changes to come in the new year. I have given much thought to the changes I want to make. Since I will be combining my food blog Heritage Kitchen with this blog I wanted to change the name to reflect this better. I also know I said I won't be changing my blog address, but I may do so. If I do it will be shared on my Facebook page and my Twitter so be sure to follow and keep an eye out!


Heritage Home & Kitchen Facebook Page

I hope 2014 brings many good changes to my family including a New Home. I hope to share this journey of finding the perfect home and the joy when we move into it with all of you. I also hope that many old hobbies return to me with the extra changes that will come with moving into a new home. I am looking forward to making my many hopes and dreams into reality and sharing all of this with everyone of you who stumble upon my blog and read about my journey. I want to be able to set example that yes you can hit rock bottom and still climb your way up.

So please excuse the mess around the blog and hope you enjoy the future of my Heritage Home & Kitchen.

Many blessings!

Positively & Faithfully,

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