Friday, May 16, 2014

School... Again!

Well I have been quiet on the blog front this year. I have been trying to find out where I belong in life. I know there is something more to me than just being a stay at home mom. More than just being a SeneGence Distributor or Avon Rep. I have thought long and hard for years now about this. I am tired of being called the high school drop out (which no I am not a high school drop out at all), because I was homeschooled and never got a degree in college. So what am I going to do about this?

I am enrolling now to start University of Phoenix hopefully June 1st. Enrollment is almost done for me. I will be getting my Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Now I have sat here since starting enrollment sick to my stomach thinking about what am I going to do after I get my degree? What would I want to go into, because I still want to do my Cafe & Bakery with my husband. So I have come up with this.

I want to be a Life Coach. I want to help people and counsel them. I want to help them learn how to let go of the negativity of their past and succeed and be positive in their future. I think honestly this is my calling. I can write about these things as well to help people without having to be right there with them in person. So wish me luck you guys while I set out on this new goal I hope to do very well in!

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