Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Just Saying

This day and age is filled with technology. 
Along with technology we have lost touch with the world around us. 
Some of you may be asking what do I mean by that. 

Before every household was able to say we have the internet people interacted face to face. The most none personal we got was by talking over the phone. We would write letters by hand and our children were taught how to write in cursive. Kids played outside, rode bikes and enjoyed some fresh air. Now we have computers hooked up to the internet in every home, cell phones in almost every child's hand and video games consoles out the wazoos.

I will not lie about it. In our home we have a total of 2 desktops and two laptops. The desktops are mine and my husband's old computers we passed down to our children to use for school. My oldest son as a Facebook he uses for games which he enjoys playing with his grandmother, his father and myself. We have video game consoles that rarely get turned on. Our children earn 30 minutes to play on the computer of game console. It is always their choice which they prefer to do. Sometimes they are given the chance to earn an hour of game time.

My younger two children own Nabis for educational purposes. None of my children have cell phones. They do not know how to text and I would like to keep it that way until they are at least 17 or 18 years old. At that point and time they can get a job and buy their own cell phone. It is not a must have to keep you alive, but simply a luxury unless you have it and use it in place of a home phone or in case of emergencies.

So back to this about the world around us losing touch. People use to have more respect towards others. We would keep our dirty laundry in the private of our home. We wouldn't speak so rudely towards others either. Maybe behind their backs, but never to their faces. With sites like Twitter and Facebook it is so much easier to be a person we normally wouldn't be. With our children coming into this technology they are being presented to this type of behavior. Instead of us teaching them how they should act, the internet is teaching them how they shouldn't. People are becoming more and more bold each day. 

We have seen suicide deaths of many amazing young people since the days of social networking. A young girl killed herself over harassment and bullying done towards her. It wasn't just done by children she went to school with, but by an adult as well. One of he parents to be exact. We are now having to fight to get new laws made to protect us and our children against the technology predators out there. It also opens up a window for sexual predators to be able to get to people easier. It's not hard to find a person from online in real life. Anyone with half a brain cell can do it unless you are a total recluse.

I really wish we could say that technology has brought nothing but good into homes. It has made it easier for someone like me to find recipes and tips on frugal living. It has connected me to some really amazing people I have gotten to know. I have sites like Pinterest I can visit for school ideas, craft ideas, find out about new books I would have normally not noticed and even get tips on healthy living. 

So remember to exercise healthy technology use. Teach your children to do the same. That doesn't go for just the computer, but any technology that connects us to the outside world.

Also teach your children to delete the drama.
If someone is trying to bully you or a child simply delete and move on.
These people are the ones I don't give fuel to.
Most of the time anyways.
I have fallen pray to some who knew which buttons to hit.
In the end I suffered.
So my solution to this?
I deleted and I moved on.
I filled my life with positive people and quotes.

Much love,

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