Thursday, September 18, 2014

Fall Cleaning!

Hello one and all!
Welcome back to Heritage Home.
I hope 2014 has found everyone well.
It has definitely been a year with it's ups and downs.
More ups than downs however.

Life has been good and full of wonderful surprises. We have been improving things step by step. January 1st my husband said we were going to own this year. Own it we have. He got blessed with a better job. Would be crazy to pass up a job with better pay and full benefits. With the new improvements we are slowly improving every aspect of our lives. Home being one of those things!

Right now I have been spring cleaning! Cleaning out the closets and going through clothes. It is that time of year to make a list of what clothing items need to be bought for the kiddos. We also wash every piece of clothing in our closets. Doesn't matter if it was just washed last week and hung up. We wash it all so everything is fresh and clean for the new season.

I have also been scouring Pinterest looking at ideas for organization. I need to seriously clean out my cabinets and reorganize them. Toss out things I no longer need. Looking at ideas for organization of my food cabinet as well as fridge. Getting ideas for storage of my canned goods.

We have been working on remodeling still. Put in a Rubbermaid closet organizer for the kiddos room. I love this organizer! I want one for in my kitchen to put dishes and cabinet goods on. Might have to remove the big cabinet then replace it with something as that. Looks a whole lot less bulky as well! Bulk is out and flowing is in.

Also while I am discussing Fall Cleaning I want to rave on a product. We have water that leaves our laundry smelling not so clean. You could just put a shirt on barely sweat in it and smell like you have been sweating like a pig. We bought Purex Crystals to try and wow! I am really impressed. Even after working and getting sweaty the clothes we have on still smell clean. I started using Arm and Hammer laundry powder with Oxi Clean, Purex Crystals and a scoop of Dirty Jobs Oxygen Cleaner. Huge difference as well as the clothing feeling so soft.

So with all of that said. 
I hope you all are enjoying the end of Summer as the Autumn Equinox nears.

Many Blessings!
L Caldwell

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