Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Help Support - Jammin Jams with Heather

Good Afternoon Readers!
I hope everyone is doing well this Tuesday. My household have been hopping. We have already made homemade bread dough to bake and homemade flour tortillas. My boys really enjoyed getting in the kitchen and helping cook the tortillas. But enough about what we have been cooking in the kitchen. 

I have thought long and hard on something. Every holiday season people ask for support of the local businesses. Many local businesses support one another promoting the others on their Facebook pages or in store. So I would like to support and help promote Direct Sales and Home Businesses this Holiday Season. If you have an Etsy shop or sale anything through Direct Sales or from your home (online or out of your home) contact me! Look for us on Facebook at Heritage Gifts. Send a message with your contact information like Facebook Page, Website, Email address... Let me know if you have any specials going on and drop me some promotional fliers or something I can post up with your information. 

Now our first Holiday Promotion is for Jammin Jams with Heather. She is a Lead Jamberry Consultant. Jamberry's if you have not heard of them yet are nail wraps. If you have not taken the 7 day challenge yet then you need to ASAP! I took the 7 day challenge a month ago. By day 7 my polish was chipped, but my nail wrap still looked amazing. These make great stocking stuffers for your teens, tweens and little girls. Your mom and sister will thank you for these. A great gift idea for the holidays would be to make up a little manicure set with some Festive Jamberry Wraps! Or you can get them set up and ready for the New Year with some New Years nail wraps! 2 manicures in 1 full sheet! Each manicure last 2 weeks so one sheet would last a month! Don't miss out on this great product and the great deals Heather has going on!

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