Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Walk a mile in my shoes...

This thought has been on my mind a lot lately. We go through life day by day with thoughts of how our lives should be. We want the dream home, dream job, dream car and perfect family. You know the kind. Not a speck of dirt or even a hair out of place. Then we wake up and are right back in the real world.

So what does your real world consist of? Mine personally is filled with three young men whom I homeschool. One is "special needs" which is just another label in my book. We have this ungodly need to label everything in our lives. We have lived as a poor family scraping the bottom of the barrel. Now we have climbed the ladder to finally see daylight. We could have everything in the world, but it would never make us happy. What makes our lives perfect is the fact that we have each other.

So with that said...

I am sure all of you have experienced this. Judgment for your choices in your life. As a parent, spouse or individual. Someone always has to say things like, "yet you decide to deal with that" or something of the sorts. We also do it ourselves. I know I am a guilty here too. When I start doing it I try to remind myself people have their reasons. We never know the full situation. We hear a small part usually when someone is upset and venting. Sometimes we don't know anything at all about the situation. We just hear rumors and decide to inject our two cents on the person anyways.

When someone does this to me I always ask them... "Is your life and situations perfect? When it is you can judge me all you want. Walk a mile in my shoes. I have my reasons for the choices I make."
So when we feel the need to judge or speak our opinions when not asked for just stop. Remember how it makes you feel and just be that ear they need to bend. Be that person who doesn't spread rumors. Don't add judgment to the grapevine gossip. Love and be loved. Enjoy your unperfect life with your perfect friends and family. Most of all remember to always smile.

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