Saturday, March 7, 2015

Happy Saturday!

Hello Readers!
It has been awhile since I have last blogged here. I have been making some changes in my life staying busy. Also have been trying to stay warm with all of this crazy winter weather we have gotten in the south. Hope all of you have stayed warmed. Today has turned out to be a beautiful Saturday. Sun is shining so we have been working on Spring cleaning. Spring is just around the corner!

So what new stuff have I been up to? 
I am a Jewelry in Candles representative. They are an amazing product. 100% natural soy wax and scented with essential oils. Each candle and tart purchased has a jewelry surprise in it. You can choose to get earrings, necklace or women's ring. You can also choose what size ring. Some of the candles have Men's ring and sizes in the options. The candles have 100 to 150 burn hours and when they have been burned out you can repurpose the jars. Yes there are in fact awesome pins on pinterest on how to reuse these jars. The tarts for me so far have lasted long periods of time. We actually had one Honeysuckle tart last 3 months. I could have had it go longer, but I wanted to change to a different scent. Right now is actually $1 sign up with the company which ends tomorrow. If you are interested in signing up simply go to "Become a Rep" (just click this link) scroll down and choose the sign up that cost $1. This offer does only go through to the end of 3/8/2015. Interested in buying some awesome candles or tarts? Go to Heritage Gifts and check it out! 

The other thing I have been up to? Well I had tried to do the SeneGence business again. This like before did not work out for me. I did try to make it work and gave it my all. Unfortunately this is not my time. Instead my husband has signed up for Avon and I am running it. I just started and have already out done my SeneGence sales. Avon is familiar to everyone and is a household name. The main work to it all is just to make myself stand out from all the rest. This is capable and will be a well excepted challenge. So should you start to expect Avon and JIC post from me? Yes. I will also be posting about being a work from home mom now too! If you are interested in checking out my Avon eStore then click this link to shop with Simply Beautiful. If you would like to be added to the Email list then send me an email to: with your email, name and birthday with "Email List" in the subject line. Also come like Simpy Beautiful on Facebook!

I still have more new to announce! I had started a Facebook page and Blog called Perfect Kiss for my SeneGence business. I hate to just waste all of my hard work I put into building up the page and blog. I have converted it into a Beauty Blog. This beauty blog however is not like most. I am using it to promote Women's Empowerment, Self-Esteem and Self-Worth. I want to bring awareness to how we look and view ourselves due to society. I want to reverse that way of thinking and show women no matter what society says they are powerful, beautiful and amazing women. Want to join in on this? Check out Perfect Kiss on Facebook and come read the blog

This has pretty much been what all is new in our household. Family wise I have a soon to be teenager. My middle son can't seem to understand why his brother is no fun anymore. We are still homeschooling and still loving it. We do not know what grade levels they are, because we have stopped going by what grade they should be classified as. We simply learn. They can cover some of the standards no problem for grades higher than their age. Some things in subjects they are under the grade level. They enjoy learning and love to read on new things. My middle son is finally relaxing and has gotten the confidence in himself to read and spell. He has been reading and spelling extremely simple words on his own for a few years now, but always held himself back. Now just to work with my youngest and get him more motivated, but I will do with him as I have my middle son. Let him do it at his pace when he is more ready for it. 

So with all of that said... I hope you all are having a blessed Weekend. 

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