Saturday, July 18, 2015

Fashion Trends 2015!

Summer is halfway over and we are already looking at Fall Fashion Trends!

So what is going to be in this fall season?

Brooches and big earrings are being seen!
Grab those big earrings and the matching big necklace to accessorize your hottest outfit this Fall.

Next big thing is to throw your stiletto heels out! Comfort is in with Lady Loafers.
Don't think that comfort means bland though! Color and animal print will make for a great flash of personality!

Next up is Carwash Pleat skirts! They have been shown on the runway this season. So show off those legs with this great style!

Chic black boots will also be trending this fall. Grab a trendy pair of clunky boots to sport on those days when the weather is dreary.

A new hemline is making it's way into the Fall line up! Forget those pencil skirts with a straight hemmed look. Make sure to stock your fall wardrobe with a Flounce hem skirt or two!

Fur on the feet will be in! Remember though this should not be paired with a fur coat. Keep it simple and use this great asset to add some texture to your outfit.

Speaking of fur coats. Forget about them this Fall! Go with a coat that has cuffin style sleeves! Partial or full fur sleeves will be in when cold weather starts. Just remember only one fur item should be added to your outfits this year!

Remember the elegant ladies of vintage past that wore the gloves? Guess what! Gloves are in again! Elegant, Chic or wild. Gloves are no longer a thing of the past.

50 Shades of Grey has hit the runway! All grey suits in all shades of grey will be in! Want a little flair? Throw in some colorful shoes or something else that makes it pop.

High waist will be showing up this season.

Short skirts will also be in again. Time to hit the gym to tone your waist and legs!

Plaid will also be hot this. Does not matter what article of clothing or accessory it is seen on. It will be hot no matter how you wear it!

Also making an appearance on runways was the skinny scarf. A little boho chic goes a long way.

Can't forget about tights! Perfect thing to pair with lady loafers or chic black boots and a mini skirt!

So start getting your Fall Wardrobes ready ladies!

Many Blessings!

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